Sunday Column (32)

Good evening.
From next week, there might be less blog entries, so this blog might stay a tat emptier than usual. I am trying to give this blog and my websites a new face, look and feel. However, this might take a while. Re-branding always takes time. I have a few days off soon and hope to be able to change some design, content and was also thinking of doing some PPC management. Why not? You need to keep learning.

On Monday I didn’t feel well and went home early, was off sick with some kind of virus all Tuesday. Everyone I speak to suggests that if you have a baby they give you all kinds of illnesses. Ach well, better get used to it. However, Wednesday I felt better but gave a party a miss, still suffering from the virus. Thursday was our work party and I enjoyed thoroughly to catch up with a few colleagues over wine. That was the first time in almost 3 months that I had a chance to properly discuss things with colleagues “off site” and in a more relaxed atmosphere. Mainly that is due to my family commitments and other events during the week.

Then, this week I had my first coaching session. That means I am working on myself rather than on / with other people. We made quite a bit of progress to identify values, patterns and things I am interested in. I guess it must be easier for a coach to coach a coach for progress, but in terms of thinking it might be a bit harder. We all have our own ways. But it helped me a lot already. What I am hoping to gain from these sessions is more direction of where I want to go and what to do.

This goes in line with a couple of thoughts about the future in London. Whilst I am sure that we are here for at least another 3-5 years, having a child and a family and a house….it all changes perspectives.

tacheback Then on Wednesday night I finally shaved off my tache. I didn’t raise any money but I didn’t really try. This is a bad excuse I know. It is a shame to have not tried harder but I guess I was thinking that I would support the corporate group more than anything else. However, for any next charity events, I plan my own bit. Glad the tache is gone though.

Other than that there wasn’t much happening this week. A lot of work, a lot of new stuff. And, on Saturday, we went to London Borough Market to get some nice wine, prawns, coffee etc. We even had a Bratwurst. I was carrying Colin around London, now that he passed the 9 kg mark, this is hard work. It replaces my gym workout 🙂

Saturday night and all Sunday we relaxed and chilled. I had to catch up with some work, both for my coaching and for my job. I am still struggling to get someone else, e.g. Colin, to take over my routine and determine what I have to do.

I wouldn’t say it is inconsiderate, but I have my plan in my head and know what I have to do. But with someone around that needs constant attention and fitting his demands in with mine – taking shared duties with the wife – is not as easy as it sounds.

Maybe that is why I need to re-think the blog. I just don’t have the time to write a lot during the week, and now I don’t even have time during the weekend. Life is changing, constantly, but hopefully for the better.

Have a good week!