Sunday Column (323)

What a week lies behind me. There was an awakening moment this week, when I realised that, boarding a plane to Rome, the eternal city, what my real and most important purpose in life is: to look after my family. This might sound obvious. Yet, when you have a moment like that, realising that actually you are living the happiest life you could have ever dreamed of. You can still improve but hey, this is as good as it might get. Start enjoying it now. Enjoy the now. And I do. Every day!

It was a revelation this week. An obvious one.

This helps. It helped me making it through this week. Leaving Sunday afternoon instead of morning to a conference. Waiting for hours for a flight back from Rome, arriving home after midnight. Being able to share moments with friends and industry peers. Sharing moments. Sharing the now. The joy. The stuff that stories are made of. To sit down on a 2.5 hour late flight to realise it doesn’t matter that the flight is late. It’s you who decides and takes the 100% responsibility for your decisions and your life. You decide how you feel.

That moment when the captain said that there is no food on the plane, that they were late as the plane had some technical problems, the plane then collided with some ground vehicle, then the crew came from stand by and …. Could anything else have gone wrong? Probably not. Should I have changed the plane to an earlier one, a Heathrow bound one, should have I….

It doesn’t matter. Yes, I was a bit more tired the next day. But I saw the boys. I got my hugs and kisses. I listened to their stories. I heard about them playing with friends, building Lego and building dens. That is their most important thing in life. They don’t care if I fly BA or Easyjet or come home at 11 or 12. They are asleep. They care about me being there for them, when they need me. And damn do I hope they will need me for quite a few years to come.

I want to be there for them to ask me advice about their first love, their first fight, negotiation or any major decision that might be there to come. I love you both so much. And one of the reasons, if not the main reason I do what I do, is because of you.

just done

There was something else this week. I was at an amazing conference in Rome. Great networking. Great contacts, selling, etc. But, as a matter of fact, my ex company, a pioneer in the field of clever data decision making, spoke about the ‘Mars mission’. Shortly after someone from a different company suggested that he wanted to be remembered to be the person who launched the first mission to Mars. A non return journey. Certain death. Yet, since becoming a father he reconsidered whether he would go himself.

It strikes a cord with me. You cannot be right thinking to leave planet Earth in a suicidal mission to got to Mars. If you like to sacrifice your life there must be more important things that one can do for mankind here on Earth. Surely, there are better ways of wasting life than flying to Mars. To gain honour, to die on a mission that might one day lead to us moving planets. What problem are we trying to solve? We destroy a planet to have a reason to move to another? That’s BS!

Don’t waste your time and energy to live a dream that is not reality when there is so much left to be done on the status quo here.

Maybe I am missing a point. Maybe I just care too much about what I have. About what I enjoy. My life with my family. I am probably the happiest person ever with two boys, a loving beautiful wife, a house in the countryside and a place and life worth living. And on top of all that I enjoy the job I am doing. I wake up every morning and love what I do, with whom I work. And I live the little wins. And the big ones. And we are winning, and that is amazing.

Enough for this week I suppose.

Have a good one. Look around you and value what you have. Stop chasing the future. It is now. Happiness is happening. Just now. Right here. Don’t miss it.

Love and kindness from my little corner of this beautiful, blue planet.