Sunday Column (33)

Here we go again. Another week, another Sunday. I like writing these columns as it gives me some time to reflect on the week.

Monday: a client meeting, it was raining and I arrived there soaked. Met an ex-colleague and got some good gossip, and some good insight from a different perspective. Sometimes it is really good to just sit down and talk openly.

Tuesday: we had a workshop at work which worked out very well and I think we made a lot of progress, followed by a Wednesday where we had a great team night out. I really like the guys I am working with and it is great to see everyone working so hard to make things happen.

Thursday I went back to Tai Chi after a week’s break and enjoyed it a lot. And, before I knew it, it was Friday. Some positive comments from my boss which made me feel great. So the whole week ended on a positive note.

Saturday was divided into two – on the one hand I enjoyed myself and went for a massage. Stopped at McDonalds for a dirty breakfast, Starbucks for a coffee and read my FT. Me time, very enjoyable. Then, on the other hand, it was family day. I spent most of the day with the boy, went to Homebase to buy some plants and paint for the fence, and we had our neighbours over for a few drinks.

However, I am coming down with a cold AGAIN. Wonder if my immune system just decided to walk, or if it is the boy. They keep saying that you get ill more often having a baby, but he seems to be fine. I am off for 3 days next week, and don’t want to spend them all in bed.

Also, this week a friend’s nephew was killed in a car accident. It was one of those moments when you sit down and think “why am I going through all these things in life, hassle, work and stress when it can be over so quickly”. One of those moments when your life comes to a full stop and you reflect.

On Sunday my mother in law arrived. I haven’t seen her for a long time, so looking forward to spending a week with her.

There are many other things going on, which I don’t need to speak about: things like coaching and personal development. Also I am working on my cb consulting website. Would like to integrate some of the sites on this URL and also get some of the balamadana blog content here too.

I reviewed two more wines, so you will get a taste over the next 2 weeks. Will try to write more often, but seem to be busy with my job and the family. Both of which is enjoyable, but I need to work on a routine to fit things like my blog in again too.

Have a fantastic week!