Sunday Column (339)

As I started writing this blog I just published an Ebook/guide on weight loss. It describes what I have done, and what made me lose and keep off 8 kg since January. Yes, I am proud of it, yet this is only one piece of the jigsaw of a successful and healthy life. As a matter of fact, the guide will form part of a new book I am writing on, hopefully completed next year.

I am excited about personal development. I am passionate about the potential to train your mind, to develop your personality, and about what all we can learn, and how we can improve other people’s lives. This is my greatest hobby, passion and interest. For me, being back on the commute, is like being back at school. I started to pick university lessons from iTunes university and listened to quantum mechanics this week. I now understand why older, retired people, are going back to university. There is so much out there to learn, understand and explore. However, it is time that is the challenge.

With on average 7.5 hours of sleep, a 5:30 am start at the moment, I feel I don’t have enough spare time. Over the next few weeks I will change to 5 am starts again. However, I don’t want to go below 7 hours of sleep. Balancing that, trying to find the optimum, is key in life. A lot of things like your health, your success, performance, mood, state of mind and so on, are depending on your sleep. Weight gain too btw.

I like to experiment with these things. The early routines, meditation practises, exercise routines, studying, researching and writing. That is all for me, yet there is a whole family and a demanding job on top of it all.

Nothing like this week when my 6 year old asks how the world was made, leading to a discussion whether there was a god. We are quite open for him to form his own opinion and quickly he concluded there isn’t one. He is smart. It doesn’t make sense, sorry. As much as we all would like to have someone there, and I personally believe in a superior (un)consciousness, there is no one that put Adam together from a handful of clay. Maybe this isn’t the place to discuss this but I love the challenging questions.

On other notes. My new wallet only holds cards, notes are a bit tricky. So I started using wireless payment whenever I can. Thinking about that, I am probably a slow adopter, I realised I carry less and less coins with me. Hence I can’t give money to homeless people or charity collectors. Not that I ever did this a lot in the first place yet I won’t be the only one. The world goes paperless, now coinless. Whilst I still donate coins to my Buddhist shrine (note Buddha isn’t a god in my eyes in reference to above), and I donated £150 this year from it to a GSP charity which we felt was the right thing to do, most people won’t carry cash in the future.

With Apple pay and other phone based electronic payment options, we won’t even need a wallet anymore. The scanned card, our fingerprint and that’s it. Banking is changing. Just this week I was debating via Twitter with Halifax Banking whether they need to send me a reminder to log in to my online, meaning desktop, banking account, as I regularly log in to the banking app? They think they have to for legal reasons, whilst I disagree. Most of my main accounts are managed on an app base only. The future are apps, app environments and functionality.

The world is changing. Our kids might not need a driving license as they have an app calling a driverless car to take them anywhere they want. They pay wirelessly, or via a chip implanted in their arms. Phones will be replaced by mini computers in a watch that has the same capabilities as our current smart phones. Tablets are no longer used. Laptops will be around, connecting wirelessly to huge roll out screens on walls. One will just throw content on there to do presentations. Most of this exists in its infancy already btw. By the time our kids are grown up it will be normal.

In the meantime I am going back to the commute. I am almost at Victoria, having had a pleasant journey, writing this post and meditating on the way. People will still need to get together to collaborate. More and more can be done virtually, but nothing will replace physical get togethers. I am off to work really.

On that note, have a great week.