Sunday Column (341)

Where to start. An eventful week. A scary week.

Monday was a great conference in London. An old friend has put on his annual RTB/Programmatic conference and I haven’t missed one yet. Just when I settled into the second panel, I got this message from my wife saying ‘there was an accident, I call you‘.

Nothing ever happens to us, right? We are always going to be alright. Your mind goes into an overdrive: Is your family ok? How bad is it…how long will it take me to get home? Luckily this ended up being mild(ish). My wife had hit a pedestrian when that person stepped out in front of her. Lucky for him she wasn’t driving but on her bike. Bad for her, she was knocked off her bike. Lucky for her she didn’t break anything and no car from oncoming traffic ran over her afterwards. Needless to say she wore a helmet.

She is fine. She is in pain. Seen the doctor and eventually the pain will ease they say. Time heals. We are grateful she escaped without serious injuries. I am grateful for her being able to continue looking after the kids whilst I then, on Tuesday, embarked on my adventure to dmexco.


I almost didn’t go. Yet, this is the biggest online and digital show/exhibition in the world. Again, for over 10 years, once it was a competitive show, I have been seeing this show grow from 1 hall and maybe pushing 100 exhibitors to now 4 halls and 300 or more exhibitors. Two days of meetings non stop. Three nights of heavy German food, actually a Michelin Sushi for us on one night, washed down with Koelsch, Wine, Lagavulins and Schnaps.

Discussions about work, the industry, ad blockers, companies, visions, futures. No sleep, lots of input, catching up with loads of industry friends, giving away almost 200 business cards, connecting to people, showing expertise, selling, visualising. And, of course, making deals, closing deals, celebrating success. That’s how the industry rolls and it is fun, exhausting but satisfying. There is no feeling like it when it hits 4 pm on the second day and you calm down, your brain is frazzled and you slowly wind down. It was the first time we presented my “new” company, the company that recently bought my existing outfit: 4C Insights. What I think of them? Awesome, see here for a vision/article I wrote about the merger.

Yes, as much as I hate the strain of it, I love it and enjoy doing it. Once a year! It has been an amazing event. Thank you organiser, Christian and Frank, for another show. Maybe I should have joined you years ago, but hey,….that’s for another time maybe.

I promised the kids some new pens. So I accomplished my mission with 27(ish) different pens I collected, some gummi-bears, squeaky ducks and some blue toys as well as a pixie book about the Internet. For myself I ended up with yet a few more external batteries, still needed at shows or when travelling. Those give-aways are so popular that people attend trade shows just to get freebies. Never mind.

Once I got back on Friday I cleared (most of) my inbox, picked up the boys from school, took them swimming, slept, had a dirty take away and soothing wine. I slept from 9 pm solid for 9 hours. I needed it. Still very tired the whole weekend, I got my wife to make some German food. Why not 😉

Guess that’s all.
I have to say, going for a run and taking it easier on the booze this year helped. I am slowly getting less carried away. Not sure if it is maturity or knowing that my body can’t cope that well anymore. Having said that, due to my fitness level, I can cope with lack of sleep and booze a lot better than I used to which is interesting. But nothing makes up for good sleep, and I don’t seem to sleep well when away at trade shows. And of course there is age concerns, but more about the mid life crisis another time 😉

Have a great week.