Sunday Column (343)

What a beautiful weather we had this week. Astonishing, like a second summer, we had some sunshine, warm lunch breaks, and actually I took some lunch breaks too. It was a good week from that perspective. I got a lot done. At the weekend, however, the weather was misty cold, so we had the fire on all Saturday. Cosy warm home….country life 😉

Then, I returned my Oyster Card this week. After registering my Amex as paperless payment card on the tube and using it through Apple Pay on my phone, there is no longer a need for Oyster. However, whilst you easily get a refund into your bank account online, there are only three (!) staffed stations left in London where you can get a ‘manual’ one which involves you bringing a proof of address to show it is actually your card.

I also managed to live without cash for another week. Apple Pay plus card payment make it possible. Whilst it isn’t so much of a challenge, it is more that I feel that the 21st century is happening. Cash, notes and coins will be on their way out. Contactless, paperless on its way in.

On that note, I finally got myself my train travel card on the keycard, e.g. a contactless card. Therefore, no more paper tickets and only one wallet, which is the smallest in the world. I am downsizing.

So last Sunday I upgraded my phone. It was easy to do and I am now the trend setter with the latest Apple iPhone 6s. Nothing special to report on it, but that it makes good photos, is my personal computer and has Apple Pay 😉 Since my iPad was getting old, I traded in my old phone, old iPad and upgraded to the ipad4 mini, which is just a bit easier to commute with and a lot quicker. Again, whilst I was super excited getting all the gadgets, I just need them to work and do what I would like them to do. And they are working fine! On Wednesday Apple released it latest OX, so I am now up to date once again.

At time of writing I am looking back to today and my wife was running an 8K race on Sunday. I am very proud of her, particularly since she has had the bike accident and is now almost back to normal, despite a cracked rib and all. Well done! Our/her transformation from us being a couple, going out most nights, hanging out with friends to having/being family, both being very active and healthy, has been a long time coming. We enjoy our new life style, lost weight and feel better about ourselves. Maybe a normal transformation, yet I wouldn’t have guessed that a few years ago. And, who knows. She managed 8K in under 50 minutes, maybe we celebrate her birthday doing a half marathon in Brighton 🙂

It comes down to identify a purpose, as well as drive to achieve those purposes. Most of our identity is determined by external factors like upbringing, family and social environment – however with the help of coaching, new goals and (positive) influence, one can change habits and routines, one changes one’s personality. I have been reading a bit about this and will incorporate this into my next book about personal development and productivity.

The works side of things was interesting. It is forecast season and ‘process’ season. Latter caused, as it often is, some challenges, but nothing I didn’t enjoy :-p Forecasting is often something salespeople dread and I suppose I am not an exception. With plenty of support and understanding for new product lines, I think we managed alright. We finished it on Friday night.

This was the short update of my week. I am excited about the things happening in my life. I enjoy life and enjoy my boys growing up. Winning the trophy at football, being proud to be a beaver and presenting the German beavers in his ‘class’…it all seems to be coming together. A life worth living for, they said, and we should enjoy every moment of it. Whilst these achievements are more C’s ones, R will have similar achievements to come, and he really enjoys school. Being very curious, he asked the wife if the ‘Chinese money plant would spit out prawn crackers’ – I guess he is right, why wouldn’t it?

Live the moment and don’t miss out on the wonders of life. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes.

Below’s picture I found searching for “Indian summer”. All credit to the photographer.

Enjoy your week.