Sunday Column (344)

This week was crazy.
When you do what you have to do and you just don’t feel the way you are supposed to be feeling, then weeks are no fun 🙁 Essentially what I am trying to say is that this week I was just shattered. There are loads of bugs going around but I don’t feel ill. I just feel tired. You know that feeling when you hardly sleep and eat? I did that too, on top of this bug.

lego campervan

Anyway, it also was a fund week. We went to a business trip to Madrid. One gets up at 4:30, does the kettle bell training, feeling a bit under the weather, and before you know it you are in Madrid, have meetings and end up in a Tapas bar until 1 am understanding the Spanish market potential. I enjoy going to Spain as I believe that this market, similar to Italy, has a huge potential for adtech technology. Often, companies focus on France and Germany after the UK, yet there is a huge amount of wins to gain in Italy and Spain. Anyway, a successful trip!

Of course, as it has been lately with hotels, I didn’t sleep great. Whilst we were upgraded to a nice junior suite it turned out to be next to the elevator. So I was tired on Wednesday to say the least. The elevator went all night, and of course from around 6 am all the time. No sleep. A bug. A busy day….don’t get me started.

Also this week I did a proper fast day which properly didn’t help my energy levels. That was on Monday, when I normally have some kind of fruit smoothie to get me through the day. So no surprise I went to bed early on Friday and Saturday night.

Were there any highlights this week? Oh yes, there were.

My youngest loves acting and for the annual harvest festival they are practising “Singing in the Rain” – he does a fantastic job in re-acting it. I am a very proud dad.

He loves acting, always loved singing and music and dancing. It is so much fun to watch him! I cannot wait to see the performance. Also, on Saturday the boys, as they had a tough week too, wanted to spend some of their pocket money. So off we went to Brighton go get some LEGO and paw patrol toys. C amazed me with the speed and accuracy he put a quite complex LEGO helicopter together. I was more tempted for the campervan but hope Oma and Opa buy me one for Christmas 😉

Another positive thing was that my wife made me proud too. She participated in the 5K Colour Run in Brighton. She signed up for that ages ago, and I am very proud she did that run. The boys loved seeing her on the run and from what we learned, this could be a great family race in the future to get the boys involved and us all going for a fun run together. A lot of people walked so no harm in taking youngsters. That all was complimented by probably one of the best ‘pub’ lunches I had for ages!

So overall we made a day out of it and enjoyed a splendid family weekend. Some venison burger cooking, some satay chicken, some shrimps on toast. Yes, I enjoyed the relaxing days off, I needed them and I recovered a bit too.

That’s all for now folks, so hope your week was better. I heard of so many people having had the flu and were properly ill, so hopefully that’s not to come.