Sunday Column (359)

What a gloomy Sunday. Saturday was so dark and cold, we put the fire on all day – it is nice and relaxing, calming yet it should be either a bit lighter or a bit colder – this weather just really sits in between autumn and winter. And it is wet. Yet, despite all that my wife did a 10K run today. Well done you!

The week was full of travel, yet it was actually very pleasant. I left the UK Monday evening to go to a conference in Hamburg. Easyjet seems to have a winter schedule, where they fly evenings rather than early mornings. So I got away for three nights. I prefer early morning but hey, all about being organised.

The conference was amazing. Of course it was because I was speaking but really it was because there was a room of people interested in cross device tracking and the break down of silos: offline/online. I do really like what I do. I love my job (and not only saying that), as we are able to connect offline to online marketing, targeted advertising. So this conference went down as a treat, getting to know lots of different view points within the industry.

Tracks conference

I also managed to do a 10K run in the dark. Given it was a bit windy and misty, it was a fun run. I managed to do a personal best with an average of around 4:52 per kilometre which is quite good. Really enjoy pushing myself to get fit for my challenge next year. However, maybe I overdid it a bit doing it that early before the conference. Never mind. It felt awesome at the time.

Then I met lots of interesting people. Old university friends from within the industry, old friends, industry friends who I knew since 2006 and so on. Online and Digital marketing is such a small industry. And everyone knows everyone and knows someone who worked with some mate….

Overall a fantastic week. Yet, again, I was away from the family. Packing my suitcase with lots of German sweets works to get the love from the kids, but the sweets still don’t replace me when I am away. They need and want me to be at home. Finding that balance is still difficult and being able to switch off from work when being home. I am working on it and yet was very happy to be home on Thursday night. I missed them too! And my wife of course.

A new rule sees me to stop being on my phone during the weekends and really engaging with them. We are playing UNO, paw patrol, and mock about.

Friday was another busy day in the office before a well deserved, if I may say so, weekend. At the weekend we met some friends and I got a long overdue sports massage, trying to sort out a sore back thanks to my chiropractor. I was a success. We met friends but due to the weather just sat around really, chatting and catching up whilst the kids were playing.

I am very proud of my wife, I have to say. The 10K now, and her ambition to run a half marathon next year. I love her and she is an inspiration for myself, the boys and many of her friends to get fit, stay healthy and look stunning 🙂 Well done!

That sums up another week. Writing this whilst sitting at the airport waiting for my flight….I don’t mind travelling, as the best part is coming home. At least that is true for non holiday flights 😉

Have a fantastic week,