Sunday Column (361)

Taking massive actions towards a goal is liberating. I wrote an article on that which I will publish on Linkedin for the new year. Goals are associated with starting a New Year, a new beginning.

I am saying that as there has been a few things on my mind this week. Even to the extend of me being ‘scared’ of flying to Munich on Monday. I was drilling on something. Watching Mad Men and looking at the world of advertising and realising that sometimes you just have to make decisions. Maybe it sounds cheesy but it takes time to process things and make it happen. A hidden entrepreneur somewhere I suppose 😉

You cannot always change what you do, but you can try. You can go for gold. You can aim high and then take those massive actions to make it work. And that is what I am doing. And it feels great.

I am really enjoying to make decisions. Taking on the responsibility, and more often than not, I make it work (sorry for the arrogance). And if not, I put my hands up in the air and we look at a different solution. Even if things are not as new or crazy as they seem, being able to just look at them and making the changes needed, gives you a satisfying feeling.

Taking massive action

Really, I am going at 100 miles an hour. However, on the outside I am calm. I have the feeling of not being stressed whilst getting massive things done. Working abroad in a hotel room having evening and mornings to get stuff done is brilliant. Besides the exercise routine, work load and all, I managed to get a few articles done, organised some things in my life and took the above massive action.

Towards what? Life goals I suppose.

Being in the fatherland, in Munich, I got recognised as being foreign: North German 😉 When I then tell the taxi driver that I am actually living in London, they begin to be friendlier again LOL. I love Munich and if there was any place I’d move to in a future life it would be here. Simple. An amazing city.

I missed the boys this week, yet had a lot of them last weekend. I managed to sneak off with them on Friday afternoon to attend the local ‘Hassocks’ Light Up’ parade, celebrating the switching on of the Hight Street Christmas lights. Less than 4 weeks it is to Christmas. That’s mad. It came around very quickly.

At the weekend we had some friends staying over. We only manage to see them properly once or twice a year. That means lots of wine and whiskey, and of course my wife’s famous cheese fondue. What a night! Generally a fantastic, somewhat satisfying weekend.

Whilst I can’t say I am looking forward to it, yet I did ask Father Christmas for a small present, I am excited for the boys. Seeing R to be mesmerised by Father Christmas. They seem to be so grown up about it and excited about Santa coming down our Chimney, which is the wood burners pipe, diameter around 15 cm tops 🙂 Never mind, I am sure he manages, as long as they are believing it.

Have a great December and stay well.

Love and Kindness,