Sunday Column (365)

This year flew past. Yet, I have been saying that every year. And there is nothing else than looking back at 2015 and saying: this was a successful year. I am truly grateful for my family, my wife, my boys and the life I am living. I am grateful for my job and my friends, the amount of good I can do by giving to others. I am just happy.

It has been, as every year, a year of ups and downs. Ups in terms of development from a personal perspective, but also from a house perspective. We build a shed, renovated and got a few new bits and pieces. On the other hand, we didn’t have a big holiday, had a first and last camping trip, and didn’t go anywhere far away. Hopefully we change this next year.

From my perspective, there have been a few changes though. As I am getting closer to 40….I discovered my fashion style and really settled for green trainers. I love those. Further I didn’t go cycling once this year but instead ran about 900K since January, did sixty 10 minute work outs with kettle bells, did about 2,000 push ups since May and lost around 10kg pending the day of time I measure myself. Since I embarked on a Low carb high fat diet in the run up to Christmas, e.g. I loosened my routine a bit, I seemed to have gained a few kilos again. Not long and I will loose them again.

Oh and I did 2 hours of front planks too! I lost circumference and almost got a flat stomach…I wish 😉 I got fit though, probably the fittest I have ever been. If nothing else happened, I did get fit in 2015, with a 5 am routine, long walks, a variety of work outs and a diet focusing to eat less carbs; I wrote a paper on weight loss here: How to lose weight.

green trainers

I have been pushing myself hard, yet found a time and place to put things into a routine. A habit. And whilst doing so, I have been writing on my next book on productivity. Just last week I finished an early first draft, however it is still a lot of work todo. Stay tuned. I am still debating if I aim for a 2016 or 2017 publication, pending progress and aspect of the book.

The kids and the animals would have been a theme this year. We decided in August to give back Rosie, our dog. This of course wasn’t easy, yet it was something we had to do. If I follow my belief that things happen for a reason, I guess there will be a reason sometime in life where I look back and think I am grateful for the experience. We since got a cat, Teddy, who is the most loveliest spoiled cat I have met ever! He is more like a dog, hence a good ‘replacement’ for Rosie.

Life is good. The kids are growing up. It is hard to believe the eldest is turning 7 next year. Time goes on and I have been at my job for 2 years; we got acquired this summer and things are changing. I learn a lot. Things are good and I enjoy the challenges ahead. We opened an office in Germany and I embarked on a few consulting jobs on the side, keeping me busy and advising start-ups. I love business!

Yet, at the same time I love my family and balancing the two is hard. With a commute of 90 minutes each way I get a lot of writing, reading and working done, but cannot play with the kids. Hence one of my main things for 2016 is to make more undisturbed time with the kids and family. I want to be able to put distractions aside and carve out more intense family time if that makes sense. I want to live a life full on, work or life side. I want to stop looking at emails as often as I do. I want to get fitter than I am without working myself into the ground. I want it all with as little effort as possible :-p

There are a few things I want to achieve in 2016. I want to be able to give more than I did this year, to help those that need is more than me. I’d like to be able to help others more, to give. Whether that is money or time, for business or charity, doesn’t matter. We are all in this together.

I worry about climate change. About what kind of planet my kids will inherit and how they will survive. Then I do not worry about them, they will be fine. They are winners. They are a team, looking out for each other, looking out for themselves. Helping others. I will make sure they will always value others as high or higher than themselves as we are here to share. That is true love, that is happiness. At least for me.


Whilst writing this it is stormy outside. Over Christmas I wanted to give my body a rest, a well deserved break. However, given the sluggish feeling after a couple of days of binge eating and drinking, I did two long runs this weekend. Yet over Christmas I enjoyed to be engaged in building lego, taking super heroes apart and sharing the love. Building a fire, and keeping the family warm and safe. That is what I do, putting them above me.

And whilst I reflect on 2015, I am eager to see 2016. More changes, more challenges, more building work and yet we might be able to get the first full house renovation done. That means four years in the house and we did every room at least once! We will start over again, no doubt. But not next year. I would like to do the drive way, but there is no urgency. Yet, hopefully we can do that too.

Time flies, remember.
Remember those days when you were a kid, and your parents were planning all that and you took things for granted. They were just there, things were just happening. And you never wondered when and how they did it. Those were the days.

We are now doing things and making things happen. We are the magicians, at least in some tiny eyes.

Love and Blessings to this world. I love you and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

See you all in 2016.
Greetings from my little corner of this world,