Sunday Column (369)

Happy Sunday.

Another week in adtech. What happened since last week? More rumours around IPOs, discussions around the industry, if adtech is merging with Martech and how many acquisitions will happen between now and the end of the year. Nothing new, and when watching the final episode of MadMen, without wanting to take anything away, I was thinking how my career will turn out, 5 or 10 years from now.

Life is constantly changing. For the better I trust. There are some things we can influence and some that we cannot influence. I keep thinking that only if you are working for yourself you are in full control of what you deliver, what you promise. Standards and values vary amongst people. The negotiation book I am reading is suggesting the same, the value exchange and making use of the power of standards. No one wants to hear they are working towards low standards. I practised this weekend with Tesco and so far it is working.

January blues is happening I suppose. Yet I am in a happy space, I am very grounded and connected. The only thing I am not that great at is patience. To let go and let things take their own time. Although with some things I have been more than patient. That is also true for our bathroom. Opinions, designs, discussions. Gladly I am married to an amazing woman that does that for a living if you like. She organises the back office: bathrooms, house designs, kids, school, garden etc – for me to just rock up and enjoy. And I do. And yes, I do get involved a little bit too 😉 But I couldn’t cope in life without her. Thanks honey!

The bathroom on the other hand, having got a decent quote for the things we wanted, we got a horrendous quote on the actual fitting via another company. Sorry, but I cannot imagine a bathroom fitter taking the same amount as the costs of the whole bathroom. That said, we got someone else involved and things are moving in the right direction. Fingers crossed we can get it all signed off this week.

don draper

In other news our youngest actually told us that he is hungry. You might not understand that but he, since I “met” him just under 5 years ago, has been a difficult eater. No food was ever good enough for him, easy for him and you had to force him to eat. So him coming to us to ask for food is like ‘problem solved’. It might have to do with school lunches, the food wow chart or a growth spurt. Maybe all of it.

The food wow chart is my invention, a bit of a competition between the boys who tries more different foods. So far we got to celery, squid, peppers, cucumber, pork chops, chilli (kind of), chicken satay etc. So we are doing well. Printing all that out and showing off with it is great too.

Next week I am travelling again. Having a cold and not feeling great, doesn’t help me getting motivated for a January trip to Germany and the Netherlands. A round trip. I normally don’t mind, but find that the first trip of the year is more of a hassle, to get up and going again. But there are many exciting clients and meetings we have schedules, so I am looking forward to going.

That all is if my cold is better by then. I have had a cold all week, which didn’t deter me from exercising. However, at the weekend I felt worse, and hope it is over by Monday/Tuesday. I am sure it will be 🙁

I keep you posted next week and will also officially talk about the previously mentioned venture I am getting involved in.

In the meantime stay warm and safe,