Sunday Column (37)

This week I spent a lot of time with the family, and it becomes more and more important for me. Particularly since I started digesting more about Anthony Robbins’ six basic human needs. I write a post about this later on this week – it is very simple yet powerful stuff.

I think with the changes of jobs and life, e.g. the birth of Colin this year, I have a lot of things to digest and it is ongoing. It doesn’t help that I have the man-flu again and seem to have less energy overall. But, I am confident of getting there, some things just take time.

Maybe it is time for another review of being a dad? Things have changed so much. Colin is much more responsive, much more lively, eats food now and he gives so much more back. I hate it when I go to work and he is crying, looking at me. But that is life for you, unfortunately there isn’t this big lottery win so you can spend all of your day with your son. Life is odd in this way. But without work we cannot afford life and family. So it has to be done. But, it is still something I am getting used to. However, every other dad in this world has mastered it, so will I! Besides I love what I am doing, I love working and enjoy it. However, if I can afford it time wise, I work very hard whilst being at work, don’t do lunches and be very productive, but then leave on time to spend more time with the boy. This might change soon though as there are a few things coming up on the horizon that look like I might get busier.

So what did I get up to this week? Not much to be honest. I went to a summit on Tuesday about Local-Social. This was a very interesting summit and you can see the post in the blog with some thoughts.

On Wednesday I had my second last coaching session and I have the feeling that I make progress. Things get clearer and I understand my needs and objectives much better. Not 100% sure yet where that leads to but growth seems to be a mayor factor which satisfies me. That ties in with me ordering more books from Amazon about digital advertising, strategic thinking and inbound marketing.

happinessWith both the boy and me being ill – just a common cold – the weekend is rather slow going. We met a friend on Sunday and that was nice. I practised Tai Chi as we are getting closer to the end of the form. Fingers crossed for next week. Also, I went to clean up the garden for the winter and spend about 1.5 hours in the garden on Saturday. With the cold and all I felt really ill and knackered afterwards. Didn’t stop moaning all day 🙂 Then I tried the cocktail from yesterday’s blog post and I can tell you: it tastes awful!

Overall I am very happy with my life at the moment. Lots going on but that is always the case, so no rest for the wicked. But, being happy and content, and having a wonderful family, is nothing you should ignore.

Have a great week. All love and happiness to you.