Sunday Column (38)

What a week. “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen“, Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Starting with that quote, I am sitting here and reflecting on a big bang start to a week. Although I felt very knackered with my man-flu last weekend after I was in the garden and all, I went out after work on Monday and did some excellent networking. I actually was sitting there with my bottle of cough syrup and thought, tomorrow things will be much better. However, on Tuesday I ended up feeling more tired. I almost didn’t go in on Tuesday but I had important meetings. Tuesday night my wife went to see a movie, so I stayed in and thought whether I should go to work at all on Wednesday.

Since I met our head of strategy for breakfast, I decided to go in, and like it is with colds, the earlier you get up, the better you feel. However, that feeling was over from Wednesday lunchtime and the aches got worse with the result that I had to cancel a client’s invite on Wednesday night, went home early from work and were off sick on Thursday and Friday. Now, you know me, I cannot sit still and do nothing. Being off work is bad enough. Although I know that my boss trusts me, I still think someone might think I take the mickey. Which I would not! But, Thursday in all fairness, I slept most of the day. Just around night time I got a bit more awake. And I was glad not to have gone to work. I believe I managed to sleep most of it off but Friday I still slept all afternoon.

SchweinebratenSaturday, now I find that interesting, I felt better when I got up in the morning, went to get my massage but then noticed that my head rushes had gone whilst my cold, e.g. runny nose and cough, got worse again. The boy and I had a long snooze in the afternoon watching the Domino championship. In the evening I made some nice roast pork with crackling.

Enough of a moan about my man flu now 🙂

Over the last week I thought a lot about my blog post of the six basic human needs and what my values and my goals in life are. Whilst I only published this post on Thursday, I wrote it last weekend. And, I noticed that whatever situation I am in to make a decision, these six needs are really helpful.

What else happened. Saturday was a horrendous storm and the window in Colin’s rooms started leaking again. So we need to examine it and maybe replace this window after all. Out of all windows in the house, this seems to be the only one that never got replaced. It got colder too, so we want to make sure Colin is warm enough. Our radiator in the bathroom, so we were told by the guy who laid down the new floor, would be leaking soon. However, we spoke to a professional and he said we shouldn’t worry. The usual worries when you own a house, you just have to make sure you are keeping it in shape and things are in order. With house prices slowly rising again, we don’t want to devalue the property by not maintaining it.

Also, I thought a lot about coaching and, as aforementioned, about goals in life. I believe to get closer to what I want to achieve and how. The latter is a good question and I hope to have some time next week to put more thoughts on coaching down.

From how I am feeling today I am confident to go back to work next week and be able to get through the week. I never had so many colds and whilst I would love to blame the boy, and this time he got the cold first, I believe it is also my weak immune system and the paranoia around swine flu.

Have a great week. I don’t have any more wine reviews lined up but hopefully will post some more on personal development shortly.

Buddha bless,