Sunday Column (4)

Now in my 4th week writing my Sunday column, I am thinking more and more back on what I have done each week.

I think this week was stress free but I am not sure. I got new insoles to cure my shin splints but when I went to the gym on Saturday, I still got the old pain. Hopefully it is just a period of getting used to the insoles and things will sort itself out. I would love to do a 10 K run and who knows, even a marathon. However, to do that I need no pain 🙁

Wednesday was a busy day. I met an old client from Germany. That was great. She is very interested in coaching and therefore we had lots to talk about. It was good speaking to her and figuring out what needs and wants people have – I haven’t had such an interesting, in depth conversation for a while. Very interesting.

The rest of the week went rather quickly. Honestly, not much happened. Work was busy, but I don’t really want to speak about work. Things are progressing. So it is good.

Yesterday I spent the whole day sorting out my veggies. Will post some pictures later this week. We had our first BBQ on our new BBQ which was delivered squint but I guess it will do the job.

wooden BBQ

Today my wife is painting the hall and stairs, so hopefully we finish the hall this week. However, we also got some laminate to put down in 2 weeks or so – that is for the landing. So overall, our DIY efforts taking shape.

Have a good week.