Sunday Column (42)

This week has flown by.

After a successful interview on Monday with a big agency, I had another discussion with a German company that would like to enter the UK market. Having known the founder for many years and being excited about a new area of online marketing, I decided to accept the offer and will start with the company as of January. More details to be announced in the new year 🙂

I have to say, sometimes looking for jobs is very hard work. And, besides I have been anticipated to work with the German company earlier this year, we could have not started much earlier. So leaving the old job just came in time to start this one – faith? I guess time will tell. For now I am happy to not having to attend more interviews, and to sit back, relax the time with friends, family and of course my boy! First insights into the new job, its technology and potential are amazing, so I am very excited and hopeful for 2010 to be a good year!

On Tuesday I explored opportunities for personal development training, youth coaching for charities, and speaking to students. Something that had been on my agenda for a while and I am keen to explore this further. Given the time pressure I most likely will be under in the new year, it might have to wait for another year or so to dedicate enough time but you never know. Good to get talking and moving in the right direction though.

Wednesday was all about shopping: A Christmas tree, wine, a turkey, food, toilet paper etc. It was a big day as I also accompanied my wife and Colin to the Christmas Carol singing. Very interesting and I believe it is good that churches in Beckenham offer that service. I wonder if Colin will ever chose to be baptised or christened. But maybe that is a topic for some other time.

Colin’s godfather from Winchester stopped by on his way home from Gatwick (a bit of a detour) and said hello. I haven’t seen him and his wife for ages, so it was so nice to catch up! Thank you guys and see you soon.

Thursday I spent half a day with the boy and really enjoyed it. Also, we got started to clean the house for the arrival of my parents who showed up on Friday. We spent a fantastic weekend with them.

Friday we had a quiet night in with lots of pizza and wine. Saturday we spent a day in London, buying Whisky for my brother and a wee bottle for myself. We got fresh fish, veggies and had a fantastic meal that night. Sunday my parents managed to explore London by themselves. Overall, a fantastic weekend. Thank you for coming by and spending the time with us and Colin.