Sunday Column (43)

What do you when you don’t have huge amounts to do? Nothing you would assume.

No, I have been busy preparing bits and pieces for my new job, finding an office and most of all spending a lot of time with the family. That time, no matter how good any job is ever going to be, will never come back. And, trust me, time flies even if you are “just at home”, e.g. my parents were here for a fantastic weekend, we went shopping, got a Christmas tree, went for long walks, enjoyed the snow, or just “hung out together” – usually the boy and me on the couch for a two hour afternoon nap 😉

Tuesday I managed to finally finished cutting and editing the video of Colin, just in time for Christmas. I should not mention it here because copies are on its way to some folk 🙂 On Wednesday we had our annual fraternity Christmas Diner in the Grenadier, a nice pub with excellent food. It makes me reflect on the time in the fraternity in Germany and how important these things still are for me. I think they are less and less important but I am happy to support the efforts and the “esprit de corps

Thursdays was the usual Tai Chi with drinks afterwards. It was the last one before Christmas and also the last one until Mid January for me. So I need to really practise during the festive season. I think it would be good for my spiritual development though.

Friday we had a lot of snow but I had to find an office for my new job. I ended up finding one very close to St. James Park tube station, within walking distance of Victoria. That will be nice as it cuts my commute significantly and I will be sharing the place with other people to make my work not too lonely.

The weekend went past very quickly. We spend a lot of time with neighbours and friends, having a fantastic time.

I keep this entry short but will have a years’ review before Christmas.