Sunday Column (44)

This week’s review will be short 🙂

We spent Sunday/Monday down in Winchester with friends and had a great time catching up with them, and with other friends who live close by. Despite my worries about driving down from London due to the weather, it was ok and we got there and back again.

Monday afternoon I had a massage. However, just before I arrived about 3 inch of snow fell and my Blackberry got wet in it, giving up on me. It failed to initialise. A night in Tupperware covered in rice did the trick and the machine is now back to normal. I got lucky, as insurance would have taken too long for me to have it back before the start of my new job on the 4th of January.

Tuesday I spent most day cleaning as on Wednesday my Mother in Law arrived who I picked up at Kings Cross. It was very busy in town but we made it home and in time to just catch another big rain shower.

Wednesday I caught up with some friends for lunch and beers and got some last minute shopping for Christmas done. A great cheese fondue at night started the festive celebrations for us, followed by a turkey on Christmas Day. I want to be honest, I don’t think I will have too much meat in 2010, as I noticed how long meat is sitting in my digestive system and how much my body actually disapproves of it.

Overall, we had a great Christmas, spending a lot of time with the family. It was just fantastic. The weather was not too bad with quite a bit of rain. No white Christmas for us. There had been some UFO sightings in Beckenham but nothing we saw. Who knows what is happening next year 🙂

We put my mother in law back on the train today and enjoy being back to our own world. As nice as it is to spend time with family and friends and have them staying with you, it is good to have your home back to yourself 😉 The next three days I am planning a detox, mainly drinking water and juice, probably eat a little bit of detoxing food to cleanse my body before the new year.

Have a good week. Speak to you in the new year at the latest 😉