Sunday Column (45)

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow I start my new job and I am very excited about it. What is it I am going to do?
I will launch a German company into the UK market. The company is a technology service provider that connects to ad exchanges in order to optimise the bought media based on the clients’ KPIs. Using the potential of display advertising with the effectiveness of search marketing. I am very excited to tell you all more about media optimisation and a new field of online and digital marketing shortly!

However, a quick review of the week. After a very nice Christmas, my mother in law left us on Sunday. And, after a few days of drinking and eating, I decided to detox. Not like I normally would by not eating for 3 days and only having fruit and vegetable juices, but at least no alcohol for three days. I gave up coffee for 2.5 days but got a headache and thought I’d rather have one. But, I also focused on food that helped my body to rejuvenate, e.g. fresh vegetables and lots of orange juice.

My wife was an absolute star this week and re-sealed most of our windows and doors. The sealant had come loose over the years and we decided it was time to renew it. Also, the cats chew some off. Since she doesn’t trust in my DIY skills (I wonder why ;-)), I spent most of the day with the boy whilst she was doing the job. And a good job she did. Thank you so much.

We spent New Year’s Eve with our old neighbours who recently moved down the road. We had a lovely cheese fondue and a few glasses of wine, cognac, whisky and Martinis. A wonderful night which lasted into the early morning.

I don’t need to outline how I felt on New Year’s day? Just as every year on the 1st of January 🙂 Knackered! Not even too hungover, but with Colin we had to get up as usual, no lie in. A long walk to feed the ducks with the left over bread from the fondue and an early night sorted me out fine.

The weekend passed quickly. I tried to enjoy the time I had with Colin, knowing that I won’t see him that often as I had done in the last few weeks. As much as I enjoyed being off work, not only do I have to get back to work for financial reasons, it is time to kick start the new year with the next step in my career. And, I am very excited to make this company work and grow in the UK. One of the biggest challenges I had yet.

Have a good start back to work! An early morning Tai Chi session in the park sorted me out fine. May you have a mind like water and find, as Anthony Robbins said, stay guard to the door of your mind. This way you are in control of your life.

Love and Kindness.