Sunday Column (51)

What a week. I know I keep saying that but it seems like one week tops another 🙁

A virus infection of some sort slowed me down Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday and Friday I had the man-flu. So I only went to the gym, or better say a swim, once this week. That disappoints me a bit but I shouldn’t exaggerate things.

However, on the business side of things, it was a successful week with lots of meetings, positive noises and lots of interest. The next two weeks are already fully booked with conferences, meetings and work related stuff. But I enjoy it. Truly do (Sacha, I mean it!)

My dad turned 67 this week (sorry for revealing your age), and we picked up a Volvo XC90 this week, guess that makes me almost as old as him – but not as wise of course 🙂

The car is great. My mother in law, my wife and boy went down to Rye on Saturday, and it was like driving a proper car. You can see the road, enjoy the heated seats, and it is just a comfortable trip. The 19.4 mpg are a bit too much, but we don’t drive too often, do we?

On Sunday, Valentines day, I got my wife these two ducks I was writing about the other day. And, of course, some roses. Some roses that could swim in the bath and double up as candles.

Sunday we planned to have a really relaxed day. However, I got food poising from the crab roll or prawn Jalfrezi. I was still sick in the afternoon, and didn’t feel well all day, so think that I will not be back in the gym as of tomorrow.

Have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Column (51)

  1. I was fighting a cold all week myself, and today was the first day that I finally started feeling like my normal self. You ever notice how you feel colder when you’re not feeling well, even though nothing else changes?

    Congrats to your dad also; I hope he had a great day.

  2. Thanks.

    I hope I am better tomorrow, missing the first day of Search Engine Strategies (SES) but just not feeling right.

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