Sunday Column (52)

Now, this is the year’s anniversary of my Sunday Column. Times have changed in my blog and currently I only manage this weekly post to keep you up to date with what I am doing, nor not doing.

Like this week, I was ill. Saturday night’s food poisoning turned out to be a virus infection I didn’t get rid of until Thursday. So no gym! And, once it was gone, I got a cold or man-flu. So I am glad the week went quickly.

The days I went to work were fully packed with good and exciting meetings, SES London where our CEO spoke about mexad’s view on search and display media, and a full day home office packed with many calls. I think I almost managed to catch up on most things on Friday – so I finished the week on a high.

There wasn’t much private life this week. We got (or I got) more accessories for the car, like a car boot liner, floor mats, paint, leather cleaner, a cloth and an air freshener. Not overly exciting but I am. I have to say that for the first time ever, I really like the car we are driving.

Saturday I had a fantastic massage. The first in over 2 months as I had been too busy the last few weekends. So that was good, just to lay down, relax and not worry about anything. I think it helped my cold too.

A year of Sunday Columns makes you reflect a bit. 2009 was a very bumpy year and whilst I had lots of time to write on my blog, I now have less time and another focus on life in general. Colin wasn’t here last year either.

He is now over 8 months and explores new things every day. I hope to have some time to write yet another review of being a dad. It is fantastic to see him grow, minute by minute almost! He is so curious, interested and likes the engagement with his parents, a whole lot of fun being around him.

The weekend passed quickly with a new business opportunity, a nice French wine from the Lirac region, a trip to Faversham, an average fuel consumption of approximately 16 l/100 km (18 mpg) for the last tank, a wife that loved parking the car and we also visited an old neighbour. Guess that is enough for a weekend.

We now have some clearing up to do, some food to eat, more wine to drink and…you know, the usual 🙂

Have a good week.