Sunday Column (54)

This week was nothing but SICK. I went to work on Monday, went to a (honestly) small birthday party on Monday night and was home and in bed by 11 pm. From Tuesday I was off work for two days with a stomach bug. Thursday and Friday I forced myself to work, as my boss has been in the UK. It was worth it but I needed this weekend to recover and trying to get back to normal.

I have been sick for three weeks, and it really annoys me. I know there is little I can do but I really get sick of it! And, it is not one illness. Starting with a virus, then a cold, now a stomach bug.

Colin: he is continue to strive. I love his cute little actions and interactions. It is so hard to describe. He is so curious about anything and everything. He cuddles you one minute, then cries because he cannot play with your Blackberry cover, and then he grabs Jen’s glasses. If I put on her glasses, then he almost doesn’t recognize me. His age is fantastic. You can play around with him and teach him so many things.

The picture above is such a typical one of him. I believe it is hard to describe, but anyone who has children knows what they are like. I think that I still have to find the right work-Colin balance, as most days my days go way beyond 6 pm, so that I don’t really see Colin at all during the week. Whilst I am trying to make an effort to come home earlier two days a week, this might look less likely in the future. We shall see.

That is about all I can speak about this week, unless you want me to go on about sickness and work. No, not a pleasant week, but next week can only get better 🙂

Have a great week and stay healthy. Look after yourself.