Sunday Column (55)

Ok, I am feeling better. So I stay positive and tell you that, after three weeks, I am now ready to go back to the gym on Monday, feel better and hopefully stay healthy for a while.

That said, Colin has been sick for a few days with temperature and being whiny, not eating etc. Probably a mix of him getting more teeth and having a virus. Shame that we cannot tell him that things are going to be better. So lots of cuddles, calpol and patience is the way forward. Bless him.

My work is going well. I had many meetings this week and things are moving in the right direction. So this is all good.

What else happened? I ask this question every week 🙂 Monday I worked late, whilst Tuesday I went home early to babysit whilst my wife went out for a few drinks. However, I ended up working till late at home.

Wednesday we had a preparation meeting for a talk on Online Reputation Management at King’s College London. Next Thursday I am speaking about Inbound Marketing for online reputation management for students. Of course I will put my presentation here and on Slideshare.

Thursday I went to Tai Chi after a two week break and really enjoyed it. Tai Chi, a glass of wine afterwards and you sleep like a baby 🙂 It is so relaxing and comforting…..anyway 🙂

At the weekend we were hoping to get some stuff done around the house. Whilst ironing took very long, I discovered a few rusty bits on the car. So I ended up covering them up. Then I spoke to a few good friends from Germany.

Whilst my wife wanted to sow some grass in the garden we discovered that two fence panels didn’t survive the winter. So we got rid of them and the Christmas tree that didn’t survive the cold either. However, even our new car is too small to transport 5ft by 6ft panels, so we get them delivered next week. In the meantime we have a fence that looks like a giant’s smile with some teeth missing – if that makes sense.

Overall a good weekend. Less activities due to Colin’s bad health but still a nice Mother’s Day Sunday.

Have a good week.