Sunday Column (57)

Ok, this week wasn’t really exciting. I worked a lot and met with ex colleagues from my old work. However, most of them will be, like me, ex-Profero people soon. Weird, somehow many seem to leave there too.

Anyway. I was off on Friday to go to Zurich for a long weekend. We promised Colin’s god mother, my cousin, to visit them a long time ago. Colin woke us up on Friday morning at 3 am and we thought he had pain teething. He slept through the flight on Friday and got us up in the early hours of Saturday again. From Saturday lunch time he was sick every time he ate. We decided to take him to A&E in Zurich on Saturday night and they diagnosed an ear infection.

We just got home not long ago. He seems to be much better and the home environment seems to get him going too. However, he did take a lot of medicine and antibiotics. Hopefully he will sleep more tonight.

Jen and I are just knackered now. We hardly slept, travelled and worried. So a glass of vino, pizza and an early night are calling.

Honestly, that will be all this week. I am too exhausted to tell you how much I enjoyed Zurich, meeting my cousin and having had a great cheese fondue. And, Colin started waving at people.

So all is good – and even Swiss Air personnel that didn’t care you travelling with children and being ignorant didn’t disturb my mood (almost).

Have a great week,