Sunday Column (6)

Wow, wow, wow – I am about to fall asleep typing. What I have done all day? I tell you: 9 am start to the gym and then putting laminate down on the landing. Whilst it all went well, we now need to take part of one of the doors off for it all to fit.


Looking back over the week, I at least want to give you a quick update. The blossoms are coming out on all the trees in the street and garden. Spring is here and it is just nice. It is getting warmer and with the DIY, we are making this a really nice home for Colin Heinrich.

And, we finally got the cot up, a chest of drawers and things are taking shape. We are getting very exciting. We went to Ikea to get some bits and pieces.

To be honest, not too much else is happening. I am 3 weeks behind our laundry and ironing, had a business trip to Leeds, a nice massage yesterday and a great Saturday afternoon with 2 really good friends. A perfect life. The only thing I would like to complain about is the lack of time.

I would like to sit all night to write on an essay I started or put some more theories into PowerPoint to upload them on slideshare. I am not sure when I will have the time, but my inbox will eventually be empty again.

Guess that is all for tonight folks. Don’t call me, I will be on my couch, enjoying the 2nd part of the Matrix and a glass of vino.

Have a great week.