Sunday Column (60)

Monday started very badly with me injuring my lower back. I had had problems before and noticed it getting a bit weaker but with lots of exercise and walking, I was about 80% back to normal by Friday. So not a good omen for the week, and I had to take it easy at the weekend.

However, on a positive side of things, my job develops nicely. I am enjoying it and we are expanding. We are not only looking to expand the team, e.g. seeking an account manager with planning/buying experience, we are also seeking a 300-400 sq ft office in Soho/Covent Garden area. This is very exciting. My CEO was up to support the UK efforts this week, so overall a good and successful work week.

Now, my boss hardly made it home but managed to get an emergency seat on the Eurostar. A volcano in Iceland is erupting and the ashes got all flights to and from the UK to a hold. You have surely seen the news. We shall see how long this will last and when everything returns to normal. It is weird to think how our infrastructure can be influenced by nature.

There are a couple of videos out and I liked this one explaining what might happen to a flight if they fly into a cloud of ashes:

On Saturday I filed my tax return which didn’t make me happy. I am not sure why but blame my honesty, that I have to pay more tax than anticipated. Grmph. However, a good thing is that I don’t have to pay them until January 2011, so can save up the pennies this year. At least things are done and I don’t have to worry about another tax return until April 2011.

The weekend was spent with friends enjoying the georgous weather. Prior to a BBQ at theirs, I managed to dig around in the garden a bit whilst Jen and the boy went to town to meet another friend. Our weekly shopping was done by 9 am because Colin got us up very early.

I believe he has 6 or 7 teeth already, and he only turned 10 months this week. It is crazy, they seem to come out one after another, whilst of course he is in agony and pain. So getting up at 3 am and then again at 8 am is not helping me to relax, however I hope all teeth will be here soon. Colin is also getting cuter by the day. Of course I would say that, but he really is 🙂

That is all for this week.
Have a fantastic week ahead.