Sunday Column (61)

Now, I have been thinking a lot this week. And, I think I am coming closer to the questions of what is important in life or not. The big life question 🙂

Maybe this is too tough of a topic to start out my Sunday Column, but this is what comes to my mind first. I had some feedback on my blog lately and some say “I am too honest”, others wish me luck with “life-life balance”. Then others I speak to suggest I should be more positive.

Hang on a minute: my life is perfectly fine. I have a great job, a great life outside work, I am happily married, have a great son, and I am happy to share things, being honest – however, that is not what I mean, and most probably not what my “fans” mean. But what is it?

Being German, efficient and direct, I of course say things the way they are and the way I see them. That means I openly suggest what I honestly think. By doing that, I come across as being negative. But I am not! I am far from negative! 🙂 And, most people who know me well, know that I am probably one of the most positive people they know.

I am very positive, full of energy and very happy with what I have, own and have achieved. I am happy in the situation I am and the life I fulfil.

I strongly believe that I worry about the same things as our neighbours (or people in general), have the same problems most people have, and I am confident that I shouldn’t worry more than anyone else. But instead of not speaking about it, or glamorising my situation, I am just open about it. Direct. German. My apologies.

But a friend of mine said so nicely, I wouldn’t be Volker without always digging deeper and going beyond of what is there. I don’t just see something, mention it and get on with it. I want to know more, and I question things until I find the answer. Again, I guess this is my German heritage, and I don’t think it is a bad thing at all.

Maybe that is why I feel like I am getting closer to the answer what my life is all about. And it is all good, positive and full of joy. Surely, I speak about it more in the near future, so stay tuned.

After this heavy intro let me fill in what else I have been up to this week.
My back is increasingly getting better with lots of exercise, Tai Chi, and “deep heat”. Colin got his first bruise and discovers his world new every day. That means he can now grab things, eats cat-food and hangs on to plants and anything he grabs, e.g. books, or loose table cloths. As a result he hurts himself a quite a bit. Bless him.

On Saturday I went on a stag night to Brighton. But, as it is, what happens on a stag, stays on a stag. It was a good day/night.

So today I am just chilling, curing my headache and enjoying the lovely weather.

Have a great week ahead.
the big V

4 thoughts on “Sunday Column (61)

  1. Dude, you just keep writing your way and putting your stuff out as you do, and all will be just fine. I love your little missives and your take on what’s going on in your world.

    Of course, the big question; what about the big answer as well? To me, the bug question is “why is there life”; the answer is “because there is”. It’s as simple as that, and then we move on. So, what do you think of that? 🙂

  2. Hi Mitch,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, we just are. And we just hang around.
    It is about the “power of now”, the being in the here and now. Not to look on the outside, but on the inside. Whoever masters living in the moment and looking inside oneself, will know why you are here.
    What you reckon? Too heavy for a Monday morning?

  3. Never too heavy for any time of the day or week. And I don’t think we’re just “hanging around”. We’re doing stuff, some of us with purpose. The rest of us are just floundering, and I figure that’s what TV is for. lol

  4. Hi Mitch, thanks for your comment.
    Wonder why you don’t get an email notification. Think you should do.
    But, the greater purpose of life….too early for a debate.
    I think I come closer a bit every day, all I need is more time, practise of spirituality and tranquillity, and peace 🙂
    I keep you posted.

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