Sunday Column (62)

Sometimes weeks just pass. And sometimes you don’t even realise they do. My week was driven by this weekend. Chilling out, a massage and going out for diner. I was so looking forward to it.

Work seemed almost secondary, but kept me very much on my feet with long hours in front of my laptop and blackberry. I went to Internetworld, caught up with many friends, networked and established new relationships. I had a few conference calls, meetings and …. half a day off on Friday 🙂

Yes, it was my birthday. I am now officially 33 and getting old. Mid-life crisis I guess. Still no lottery win and still a mortgage, but hey, I am healthy, fit and happy. With my boy and wife, we spent a fantastic afternoon. Colin starts standing himself now, at least a bit, and he soon will get the hang of “high five” 🙂 I just have to be patient.

I decided this week, that I will look more into productivity at the workplace. After reading and visiting the seminar of GTD (getting things done), I thought to myself that I already knew 90% of it before I read the book. With my NLP skills and my enthusiasm for efficiency and effectiveness, I decided I will develop my own seminar series. All in the name of cb consulting of course. So watch this space.

Now, there was my birthday this week too. Thanks for all the wishes. I have to say, and this is not meant in any negative way, that I didn’t feel like having a birthday. Maybe it is because you are happier with your son’s birthday, or other people’s birthday, but for the first time in my life, I really wasn’t bothered about the birthday at all. Ach well, we still had a great day and went to the London Aquarium. We wanted to do that for ages!

Besides the aquarium, we also went to London Borough Market. I got some lovely smelly cheese, some olives and the wife got herself some nice beers. It was great and we got home very late. Apologies to anyone who tried phoning Friday night.

Saturday I had a massage which was really important. My back is aching and I desperately need to do something about it. Afterwards I met a great friend for lunch, and later at night my wife took me out for some Greek food whilst our neighbour was watching Colin. A perfect weekend I find.

The weather changed dramatically on Saturday night: rain and clouds. So Sunday we spend the day doing what you do: shopping, visiting friends, playing with Colin and trying to avoid the rain 😉

That is really it. Colin is teething and hence he is not in the best mood. But he stood himself this week, surely he will be walking before we know it. He also got his kilt, pictures can be found on Facebook.

With the bank holiday on Monday and a very busy week ahead, I hope you having a good night. We will have a cheese fondue with a nice bottle of wine. We have been naughty food and drink wise this weekend, but we truly enjoying it too 🙂