Sunday Column (64)

Another week: this one passed very quickly.

On the one hand I don’t remember seeing my office as I have been in meetings most of the week, networking events, catch ups etc. So overall a very good week.

On the other hand Colin was a really grumpy bugger. However, although I was away two nights, I managed two nights to bath him and put him to bed. That was nice and gave my wife a bit of a break as she mostly had to deal with our very grumpy baby this week.

Tuesday night was a networking event of our part of the industry that focuses on ad exchange optimisation. A small part of a small industry, the geeks of the geeks 😉 Seriously, it was a great event and good to see so many people that work so closely with me – one way or another.

Thursday was the leaving night of a business partner, however I had to cancel it last minute as I was just to shattered. So this week was 99% work, so I don’t want to bore you with it.

Saturday we managed to re-book some flights for holidays and family trips. We also ended up buying Colin a mini pool and plastic balls to fill it with. That is for his birthday. Maybe we get him something else closer the time. We also had to shop for many birthdays and baby events, including a Christening we went to today.

Colin speaks “DAD”, “CAT” and “JA”, so he soon will speak “MUM” and “NEIN” that is for sure. His granny also got him a birthday present, a wheely bug ride on toy that looks like a ladybird. I would put some pictures on if I wasn’t so tired. I didn’t sleep much this week nor the weekend, too many things going through my head.

Anyway, let me keep it short. I cooked a lovely pork fillet meal on Saturday and we had a good bottle of wine. We enjoyed ourselves because we felt like we should. No special occasion.

Have a good week,