Sunday Column (68)

Another Sunday, another week. I updated my URLs, I made huge progress at work, and I managed to get myself in order for personal development. Nope, I won’t go into detail but I am making progress across the board. Striving for perfection 🙂

This week was busy, no doubt. Monday started with a proper day back in the office after being out and about for over a week. So after a good catch up and sorting out some admin stuff, I managed to see our new office on Tuesday. I am very excited to move into the new place. My new staff and I measured the place and made plans, still not being able to decide on the right “coffee maker” – difficult decisions ahead. We are moving on the 1st of July 😉

Now, I guess the highlight of the week was yesterday. Colin’s first birthday. We were hoping to get everyone together in the park for a picnic, but the weather was miserable. My wife managed to entertain all mums & babies on Friday, and we did the “rest” together on Saturday. It was good to see the godparents and friends being there. Colin now waves, laughs, claps his hands and of course gets stubborn too. Oh dear, the joys of being a parent. Unfortunately I don’t see him every night but trying to make an effort to see him at least two nights a week, bath him and put him to bed.

His first birthday, which was overshadowed by him having a rash, also marked the 2nd anniversary of us moving into Allen Road. Today I bought our 3rd toilet seat, I think the only thing that I have replaced on a regular basis since we moved in. The last one only lasted 6 weeks 🙁 Maybe there is something….. – nope, I won’t go into that at all.

Now, I have another busy week ahead, just finished off some unfinished business, and hope to spend the rest of the afternoon watching Germany win the football. I cannot support England after such a poor performance yesterday, can I? Then again, I don’t really care.

Have a good one,