Sunday Column (69)

What a week lays behind us. Dentist is all I say. A new filling, luckily no root canal, and a bit of pain on Monday. My wife says I moan to much so I don’t even mention my cold that really got to me on Thursday/Friday. And the weekend, I still didn’t feel right, but no sympathy, no.

So I don’t share my illnesses, maybe something else I could share, something I am allowed to moan about.

As you know we got a new (used) car in February. Recently the “service is due” lamp came on and I was a bit surprised why that was. After only 4 months! I decided to go to an independent garage, e.g. Kwik Fit. I remember from the start of when I bought the car I was wondering that the brakes almost felt a bit stuck but didn’t worry about. Could I not trust a Volvo authorized dealer that allegedly did a check on the vehicle? You can read all about my previous bad experience of Volvo Doves Croydon in my earlier blog post.

I really trust the guys at Kwik Fit and should have seen them much earlier. To be honest, I wouldn’t have gone if the service light hadn’t come up. So they discovered that there was something wrong with my brakes. Hurray. Two new brake discs, new pads and potentially I need a new caliper that caused the brakes getting stuck. So the new brakes, new battery, two new tyres that according to Volvo Doves Croydon will last for a very long time (they did last another 1,000 miles) mounted up to a hefty bill. Ouch! We now just hope that the caliper was fixed and we don’t need to replace that one too.

Ok, there could always go something wrong, and they are “wear and tear” parts. However, I know the problem was there from the beginning, and I know we bought the car with the failure. But of course when I called Volvo Doves Croydon, they wouldn’t take that on at all, and the 12 months insurance would not cover wear and tear parts. Surely, they would not see me again at their garage. What a really poor service, and disappointing experience from an authorised Volvo car dealer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for things to be ok for the next year or so, MOT is not due until December. I guess the prejudice for used car dealerships, independent or authorised, come true for some. Not a nice experience and I am really contemplating of writing to Volvo about it. I don’t want to start with the brand experience again, but honestly, I would get involved if I was Volvo.

Anyway, back to the rest of the week: work really dominated this week. We have been busy, very very busy. But, we shouldn’t complain about that. mexad is striving and growing and we have our second person starting next week. We are very excited! Onward and upwards.

My parents arrived this weekend. So despite the cold and my wife not feeling 100% :-), we still managed to have a fantastic family weekend. We also visited one of Colin’s pals for his first birthday, and have more first birthdays coming up in the next few weeks.

Next week looks busy again, a very busy work schedule but I really enjoy it!

Have a good one until next week,