Sunday Column (70)

I know a lot of people are getting bored of the Sunday Column, calling it more of a diary than a blog. Fair point, but maybe that is what it is. My thoughts to an openly accessible diary? I try to bring in some idea on life every now and then. However, in all honesty, I hardly have time to sit down and reflect lately.

Work wise the week started off with a very good meeting and on Wednesday I had my first new starter at mexad UK. Finally things are coming together and we are increasing not only the team and presence in the UK, but our growth is supported by an office move next week. So things are going well. Being responsible for the UK means that in return I get a lot of extra work.

So when I write a lot about work, it is because that is where I spend most of time. I sleep less hours in my bed than being at work, and less time with the family than at work. And, I think that is something one has to think about.

If you look at all those studies about people growing old. Mediterranean and Asian food & lifestyle? I am not sure if I mentioned that before, but if you search in my blog you surely find some topics and I believe a TED video on that too. Eating fresh fish, fresh root vegetables, olive oil and enjoying a healthy, relaxed but focused life, integrating the whole family/generations, makes them live a longer and happier life. But I haven’t found a study yet how they work, how much ROI people deliver etc. Question to ask would be how important is that? Is being less ambitious the answer to having a longer and happier life? But if satisfaction in your job and a good career is a motivator, what dilemma do you find yourself in?

Enough about that. On a private note Colin took his first steps by himself. He isn’t 100% there yet but it surely won’t be long for him to walk. He is accepting the harsh German “NEIN” and cries when I tell him off. It sometimes breaks one’s heart but it needs to be done. I wish I had more time with him.

Last but not least, and I deliberately write this post prior to the game: Germany is playing England in the Football World Cup. I personally do not really care who wins and it is only a game. My interest in football is very limited and I wonder how reactions will be if England loses. If they win, nothing will affect me, as I really don’t care. The other way around things could be annoying for a while 🙁 So what to wish for?

I leave you with those thoughts. The weekend is lovely. We have above 25 degrees, many 1st birthday parties, and a BBQ with the neighbours. Happy, content hours.