Sunday Column (72)

Nothing like….a week where you get lots of things done. This week clearly was one of them.

After we finally moved into our new office, we managed to sort out all or most of the admin staff that needed sorted. Insurance, server, registrations…. Now being settled, we can work “just as normal” and continue to grow the business. And, we have done the latter this week also.

It was also very hot last week. Up to 40 degrees if you ask me, if not hotter. Sitting in a 4th floor office doesn’t make it more bearable, however we luckily have an air conditioning.

Of course it wasn’t all work. My mother in law was down and gave my wife a hand with things. That was very helpful, and they enjoyed a great time together. So did I. But foremost, Colin enjoys seeing his grand parents too. He is shy at the beginning but then quickly warms up to them, enjoying them spoiling him 🙂

Colin: he is so cute. Whilst I keep saying that every parent would say that, I think it is true. Of course I would 😉 He has very cute brown eyes from his mother, and very cheeky looks from his dad. He successfully gets attention from young and old when we are taking him to any place, e.g. shopping or restaurants.

At the weekend, we were up North with a good friend of mine. It had to be then that Colin took his first proper steps. I’d say about 15 steps. It won’t be long until our wee man is grown up and walking. It fills me with so much joy to see how is interacting, doing things and exploring. He doesn’t like the sharp “NEIN” but it works fine. He particularly enjoys the mornings after he and I get up to play together and talk. I just manage to write this blog post whilst he is trying to press all kinds of buttons on my keyboard.

This weekend, we enjoyed company in Skye where we went to see the famous Talisker Whisky distillery. A good drum or two and catching up with some good friends. Family & friends time, unbeatable weekend.

Have a good week. I will try to find some time this week to write a piece about social media marketing. Shall see.