Sunday Column (75)

What could be a better start in the week. A 12 week scan of our “new” baby and the news that everything is ok. Happy days, and we were over the moon.

Unfortunately, this didn’t last too long, as my wife noticed some discomfort as of Monday night. We went to A&E, spoke to the ante-natal department, ended up in A&E on Wednesday again until 3 am, spoke to a specialist on Thursday morning, and the news is better than we anticipated: there will most probably be no risk for the baby and everything should be ok, however my wife won’t be able to lift heavy objects, will need a lot of rest and might get more discomfort over the forthcoming month. Finger’s crossed.

On this note I want to say thank you to our neighbours who not only drove my wife to A&E, helped looking after Colin but also gave us lots of support and help during these hours. This is great to have such wonderful neighbours!

We started making preparations now to make my wife’s life easier. Colin starts learning to go up and down the stairs himself, crawling into bed and his pram. He is growing and growing up, has almost 12 teeth, and whilst I am typing this just before 8 am on Saturday morning, he is sitting next to me playing with my Blackberry. He is so much fun and so enjoyable. I am a very happy and lucky man to have such a fantastic family.

Now, these were the main news of the week. We also had a mouse under the fridge but that is really not important, is it 🙂 I went to a more practical approach class of Tai Chi across from my work. Reason is that on the one hand I want to learn more about the practical application of Tai Chi. And, my Tai Chi class in Beckenham is at 7.30 pm and there is no way that I can make it in time back from work.

Work is great. After 2 weeks away I noticed how great my new colleague is, and we are making lots of progress. Whilst August seems slower than expected, we are now having loads of meetings to prepare for a storm in autumn 😉

Our first weekend back from our holidays was spend planning, and un-planning visits and trips we wanted to do. Weddings unfortunately too. The next 6 months (and beyond) are all about getting my wife as comfortable as possible, for her to manage every day with Colin and not to have too much discomfort carrying our 2nd child. And, we are very excited to have Colin’s little brother….or sister.

Have a fantastic week.