Sunday Column (77)

This week was odd, I think anyway. At work meetings got cancelled, everyone is busy, sales is slow but the prospect and response is great. Does that all make sense? More trouble with BT Business, as they just decided to charge us an arm and a leg for 1 hour calls to Germany (£53), which is just ridiculous or better: criminal. Overall things are good, and I registered a few domains to work on our corporate SEO. Overall, we are on track 🙂

PS: if any competitor reads that, most good domains are now gone 🙂

Privately, what has happened? I had drinks with two good friends, ex work colleagues and SEOs on Tuesday after I spent all day going to Manchester and back. We didn’t really get drunk but had a fantastic time, some ideas and lots of thoughts. Fantastic. Really enjoyed that guys!

I didn’t manage Tai Chi this week and decided on the new course in September. Colin got over his cold, so did I and my wife is feeling ok-ish, and she digged out the old guitar from her dad. Lovely to see her play (see!), but Colin seems to enjoy it 😉

As for myself, I began to absolutely enjoy a nice piece from Mozart, Serenata Nottura, 1st Movement, Marcia Maestoso.

Also, my parents had their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. I find it amazing and beautiful to think that one day, in a few many years….my wife and I hopefully celebrate 25 or even 50 years of marriage. My grand parents were married for over 65 years. What an achievement, and commitment. I am very proud.

On Saturday I took the boy swimming. Just Colin and me, as Jen needed some rest. I believe the next 6 months are going to be tough with us coming out stronger on the other end. It was great to take Colin swimming though, and having some father and son time.

The night we finished with the first ever roast lamb. It was fatty but overall a good taste and a nice diner.

Today we went to our neighbour’s daughters 100 day birthday party. Something which is very common in Korea allegedly. We enjoyed it a lot.

Speak next week,