Sunday Column (78)


I shouldn’t complain about work, I love it actually but it is getting quite a lot lately. So I am sitting here at the weekend, thinking that I should write another two proposals that need to be finalised on Monday. We shall see how the rest of the weekend goes.

Overall I am very pleased how things are progressing, both work wise and privately.

So no need to complain about anything really. Jen had another scan this week and things are ok. Her mum is coming down to stay with us and looking after her, the household and Colin. It will be tough but good, so I can continue to work as normal and Jen will have someone who gives her a hand.

Not much else happened this week. I spent the weekend de-cluttering the house and putting things in the loft that we currently don’t use. Also, I put our Kuckucks clock up again which we had laying about for over a year since we last decorated.

In all honesty this might be it that I can talk about this weekend. I spend most of the week working and then helping out my wife at night. Often I am sitting until late trying to get through my CD collection, ripping it into MP3s. Quite a boring life at the moment, but a good life.

I fertilised the lawn this weekend, hoping that it recovers from the hot summer. The weather is more like autumn than summer, and I expect it getting colder soon. I couldn’t even say whether summer was here, but I guess it was. Short and very hot, but maybe the winter is a bit milder than the last 2 years, we shall see.

Colin and I went swimming again, and I (and hopefully he too) enjoy this great time together.

Have a fantastic week,