Sunday Column (79)

This week, once again, passed very quickly. It was a very rainy week, miserable but successful. My boss from Germany was up in London and we had some important meetings and made good headway with some of our endeavours. So work wise, I am very happy at the moment.

Now, there is private life, which this week once again was too short. I didn’t even get a chance to practise Tai Chi or study Mandarin/Chinese. I just didn’t have time for anything. All I managed is another book about a something I cannot reveal yet. Very interesting though 🙂

However, I really enjoyed the early mornings with Colin, building towers with some blocks that he smashes to pieces again. On Saturday we went to Godstone Farm, a place with animals and a big play area. I loved it 😉 And Colin did too. We spend at least an hour chasing each other, and daddy was very exhausted afterwards. But I wasn’t the only one.

Also my mother in law arrived on Thursday, helping out a bit as Jen needs to do less due to her pregnancy. It is great to have her, but of course it puts strain on her as well as us to live in one household. So far (I know it has only been a few days) things are working out. We make it work, for the children….
Of course I love to get pampered too, e.g. not having to do the ironing and dishes makes me very happy her being here 🙂

I also managed to get some shopping done this weekend, some treats of nicer wine, nice cheese and olives, a new jeans and granny bought a few bits and pieces for the wee man. Overall, a very successful weekend. The weather is a bit wet/damp but we were lucky going to Godstone on Saturday as it was lovely weather, sunny and all.

Luckily there is a bank holiday tomorrow which means we have a long weekend. Also some friends from Winchester are coming up to see us, so we are looking forward to that. They expecting a child at the same time we expecting our 2nd. How fabulous that is going to be?

I will try to write more non personal stuff, more about personal development and some coaching and other ideas shortly. Believe me, there is plenty I can write about, just don’t find the time and energy at the moment.

Keep well,