Sunday Column (8)

Another week! With Monday having been a bank holiday, the week passed VERY quickly.

Highlights: I got myself an ipod nano 16 GB
Another Highlight: I finished my first 60 minute run for over 1.5 years and ran 8.5K

Ever since I got my ipod nano I am now ripping CDs to MP3. What a nice job 🙂 I think I should have sold them all on and downloaded the ones I wanted to keep. Not sure.

Other than that this week started eventful with me being ordered to the doctors. I had a couple of check ups and blood tests done and nothing major is wrong with me. So that is good news.

On Wednesday I met a friend I haven’t seen for ages and it was so good to catch up with her. We went to Hi Sushi but were a tat disappointed with the food. So next time we go somewhere else. I suggested the Thai place I went to a while back.

Thursday my Tai Chi teacher taught us a real awesome move. I will write about this next week, so stay tuned. It is called “parting the horse’s mane”. Very exciting.

The garden is getting along fine too. Again, I will post some more pictures and stuff this week. All Sunday, today, was spent in the garden. I grew more veggies as some died and put more flowers in. Also, had to cut the grass, got a trimmer for the edges and Jenny planted some strawberries. Yummy!

Honestly, that was most of the week. I am glad I am back to the gym with such a great success and hope it lasts. The insoles surely help. Life is really good to us at the moment. Jenny and the bump are developing fine and she will stop working next week. We are getting anxious and are happy at the same time. This is only the first…. 😉

So have a lovely Sunday night and a great week.

Love and Kindness,