Sunday Column (80)

Now, the week was short. Short in days but long in hours if that makes any sense. Or as a client of mine said “you fit all 5 working days into your 4 day week” – he is so right. So it is weekend now, still needing to catch up on a few bits but generally I am on top of things. That is not bad going. And, the sun is out too.

Actually, the weather has been good the past few days. I don’t think it is “Indian Summer” yet, but more of a last few days of sun before autumn hits us in a week or two. This summer passed very quickly.

Then I am struggling for good books at the moment. My boss recommended the Illuminatus Triology but I wasn’t too taken with it. I then read another Anthony Robbins book but didn’t find it much inspiring. Now what I need is to read something inspirational, spiritual, leadership oriented. So I am deciding between Tony Blair’s new book and maybe a Buddhist book. We shall see.

I was discussing Tony’s alcohol comments with my MIL. Maybe not the best person to discuss it with but it seems very normal for people with lots of responsibilities to drink away their stress. I know them, including myself, and no one would classify themselves as ”excessively excessive” drinkers either. But where do you draw the line. Whilst I am not worried about the ones I know, you never do know until it is too late, isn’t it? And, sadly admitting, he is right saying that “he could never work out whether alcohol was good for him because it helped him relax, or bad because he could have been working instead of relaxing.”

Actually this is true not only for alcohol but for many other things. Going to the gym relaxes you but cost you time, e.g. you can work less. How efficient you are and how much more efficient you are after working out, is a different matter. But if you have to plough through loads of stuff, then you rather do that than taking some time off and relax, don’t you? I do. However, I am trying to integrate Tai Chi and relaxation techniques in my daily routine, and make sure that I have enough time for the family. Although the latter sadly comes down to the weekend. Leaving work at 5.30 pm (and that would be leaving just in time) wouldn’t get me home in time to give my wife a hand. Is it all worth it?

I think so and believe that by going through this stressful period at work and at home will in the end turn out to be less stressful once we reached another level in both family life (2 kids) and work. But sometimes some things just need to be done.

If I recap the week it feels like I have been at work the whole time. But no, I haven’t. Colin, I noticed, really enjoys seeing me in the morning, hugging me and being close to me. On Friday I surprised him by being home just before his bed time and he had a hard time deciding between “cuddling daddy” and “In the Night Garden”. Unfortunately TV won 🙁 Now on a more positive thing I asked him on Saturday morning if “Daddy can go shopping” and his sweet little face smiled a bit, he shook his head and said “Nein”. Now, if that doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know. I was over the moon.

Looking at the date we should have been in Germany today for my cousin’s wedding. Unfortunately, due to the problems Jen had with the pregnancy we cancelled any travel, including the wedding. So this is a shame but we hope they have a fantastic day. Sometimes in life you have to be “selfish” and look after yourself, setting your own priorities. Whether they are right or wrong, or whether you might regret them in the future, that doesn’t matter. These are your decisions. And they are taken. You can rectify them again before any given event you made a decision about, and I was tempted to potentially going to the wedding myself. Guess it comes from some leadership books that you cannot and don’t need to justify to others everything you do. Or do you? Certainly not.

I guess this is enough read and thoughts for a Sunday. We had a great weekend, including that I could send my wife to a manicure, me getting some work done, and that my MIL actually babysat Colin, so that my lovely wife and I went out for a meal. Wow, it has been a long time.

Have a great week,