Sunday Column (81)

This week was busy. My mother in law stayed her third week and her boyfriend came as well. Her staying helped us a lot and we were glad she was here. However, I am also glad to have our house back to ourselves.

We got our kitchen floor done this week too. This added to more stress, but luckily (or unluckily) I have been away with work a lot. I went to Leeds on Monday, not returning until very late, and also attended some webinars in the US which means long and late hours in front of this lovely laptop.

Dreams: I want an HTC Desire Z. It is an Android powered super machine with a physical keyboard. Just a bit on the expensive side still but we shall see how prices will come down towards Christmas.

I had several blasts from the past this week. Facebook made it happen for me to connect with my host sisters in the US who I haven’t seen since 1993. Also another friend from the US I haven’t seen since either, and it makes me wonder how modern technology helps you so much to share your life. But is it what you want? Being connected and available, and share your life across the world? I sometimes wonder.

Next week is going to be another busy week at work. After that it hopefully will quieten down for a week or two, so that I can get back into a routine. I neglected practising my Tai Chi form but started a new course for pushing hands which I enjoy a lot. It is a more practical approach to Tai Chi and is what I always wanted. Still it helps me a lot to relax and connect to my inner self.

This is really most of it this week. Colin is a great joy but a bit on the grumpy side. Not only does he get another tooth he also seemed to have some allergic reaction again to a virus. Next door’s child seems to have some illness too, so that is daily life for you.

I let you go for this weekend, but surely see you again next week.

Have a good one,