Sunday Column (82)

This week made me realise why I only blog on Sundays….it was a fantastic yet busy week.

Monday – a busy day in the office, our 20 week scan confirming it is a boy :-), and a client entertainment which took longer into the night than anticipated. A great start into the week, and very enjoyable.

Tuesday – a slightly hang-over slow day in the office, some client meetings and my new Tai Chi class which is all about “practical Tai Chi”, e.g. pushing hands. Again, a very enjoyable day.

Wednesday – I visited ad:tech and my CTO came over from Germany. We had some fantastic meetings at the show whilst the show itself wasn’t too great. I had the pleasure of running ad:tech in Hamburg a few years ago, and somehow it feels as if the show hasn’t moved on. People exhibiting there seem to be the same old people. I have to (and want to of course) say that ad exchange optimisation is really very innovative in our industry. Everything else seems to be going on as usual. Maybe data and targeting is still innovative but the old fashioned search things don’t seem to change.

However, maybe it is just me, and I don’t see what is going on in other areas of the industry. Not sure. If I speak to my friends who work in search it seems as if they are still doing what they used to. But guess that whatever you do and whichever part of any industry you work in, you are thinking that this is the most advanced and innovative.

Now, Wednesday night finished with a curry and a few beers to discuss job issues.

Thursday – Exchangewire hosted the first ever Ad Trading Summit. It was fantastic, if not awesome. A good event discussing data, audiences, targeting, ad exchanges, networks and display as a whole. Followed from there we had drinks until late, good discussions, good meetings with competitors, non competitors, suppliers, etc. etc. An event that really kicked off our part of the industry properly. Thanks Ciaran.

Friday – needless to say it was a slow day. We had some interviews, and hopefully some good candidates to start with mexad shortly. We still have more interviews to come. However, we also had a great client meeting and a few pints to close the week. I made it home in time for Colin’s bath and that was it.

Saturday & Sunday just flew by. We moved the living room around again to ensure it is “Colin safe”, and we bought him some challenging toys as the health visitor says he is not challenged enough and is quite developed for his age. Wow – I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I enjoy every minute with him and cannot wait for Colin to start talking. He points at things and “dit” is a drink but he doesn’t say anything yet. He loves climbing on the sofa, the puff, and swing himself over the edge of the sofa too. So that is hard work for the wife whilst he seems to listen to the German “Nein” quite well. Hence the reason we moved the living room around again.

What else happened?

We found out that a close friend of ours is pregnant, so that is fantastic news. We also went to Bromley for some shopping, had nice food, and just enjoyed some quality family time after such a busy, long but fantastic week. Also, we watched Avatar. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Enough said. Time to relax further and let you get ready for the week.