Sunday Column (83)

Now, as every week, this week passed quickly. I don’t remember actually that a week didn’t pass quickly this year. I guess it is a good thing. Particularly, this week wasn’t too stressful. I found anyway. I was well prepared for month end at work, and it all went well. Happy days, we are striving, and we got a new starter for the 1st of November, whoop whoop!

We got a new window for Colin’s room on Monday. Finally the house is in the shape we like it to be, although there is something we are not happy with the kitchen floor. I will call the guy next week. So there are always things that seem to be unfinished, but we are making progress. That is a good thing.

I felt a bit poorly all week, meaning I have got some kind of cold. Thursday it was that bad that I left work early, e.g. at 6 pm 🙁 I went to bed before 9 and slept very long – hopefully that sorted me. Still not sure, something is going around. I see a specialist for my knee problems next week too, so maybe I am just getting old 😉

Today is the 3rd of October, the reunification. I wrote an article last year about my personal view of the reunification. I think I closed my history with Germany a bit, and when I speak to my German colleagues it is easier for me to explain things in English than in German. It is weird how you adopt a culture, language and way of life. However, I guess there are some things that I can never get rid of.

Colin. Yesterday I spend the whole day with him. I really enjoyed my time with him. My wife went to London to go shopping. A friend came over as well and we had a good catch up.

Colin is growing up more and more. I took him to the swings in the rain, and he seemed to love it. He fell a few times but that is what kids do, trying to walk in their wellies 🙂 Shame, poor wee man got a few bruises from bumping into things, and running into things, falling off things. We try to tell him not to climb on things and take it easy, but he wouldn’t listen. He is so sweet though and so much joy to be around.

I closed the week with a great day with the family. And, on Saturday night I booked tickets for Reinhard Mey. He is a singer I have enjoyed listening to for more than 20 years. And, I finally going to go and see him live in 2011, on the 24th of October. I cannot wait, and hope it will fit into my busy schedule then. We shall see, I can always give them back 🙁

The Reinhard Mey concert is one of those things where I was told by Goetz Alsmann, that it is something a German should do before they die. Reinhard is a great part of German history. He is getting on though, e.g. his texts have changed over the years, but I am confident that I will love his concert. This concert, alongside the concert of Peter Maffay which I plan for 2012, are on the list of things that I want to do before I die.

You have a good week, enjoy what you have.

Love and Happiness,