Sunday Column (86)

Rainy weekend…just right for some relaxation.

This week passed very quickly with much excitement. My MIL was down to visit and I hardly saw her. Whilst I
tried to make any effort to come home early, it wasn’t really home until half 8 most nights. However, she is back for Christmas, and I will have plenty of time then (I hope).

I travelled a lot with work this week, mainly within an hour from London but still. It was good to get out. And we met some great clients.

Our cat Hansel got ill this week with an abscess which later bursts – that wasn’t really nice. He seems to get better but hates his antibiotics. Ach well, I am confident he will be ok again.

Colin seems to sleep longer in the mornings with two mornings already not getting up until half 7. Bless. He seems to look more and more like me. I think it is because he doesn’t look in the camera, as he has the beautiful eyes of his mum. However, it is like looking at a younger me. Scary to think what Freud would make out of that. He is fantastic though, great fun to be around.

On Wednesday we had our 3rd wedding anniversary. That was nice, we went for a meal and had a good chat about the old time. Darn….I am getting old now. Married for 3 years, 2 kids (almost anyway), a house, 2 cats, family car…..

Then we got a new front tyre on our car. My wife managed to burst it (not her fault) at a curb. Shame and just really annoying but nothing you can do. Unfortunately, these things happen.

So that, along with lots of work, proved to be enough excitement for one week for me. I have the man flu and not feeling 100%. However, my garlic intake over the weekend should sort me out 🙂

Then a friend called to ask me to get him some Cialis. For anyone not knowing what it is, they are like Viagra but don’t make you feel as bad (and allegedly you get more performance out of it). I don’t know but supposedly you can buy them over the counter in the UK. I haven’t investigated it but found the whole thought of going, or maybe sending my pregnant wife, quite funny. Maybe in 15 years time I will be quite glad of having had the experience and looking into it. You never know. Hang in there 😉

As you might be aware, and I thought I share that, I am reading Tony Blair’s book, and after about half way through it (page 330), I am now reading everything that happened since I came to the UK in 2001. I still find it funny that when I speak to new clients, they ask me “whether we should have a conference call” and I suggest “I could just pop around to your office” – them thinking I am in Germany. I know I have an accent, and will always have one, but I have been living in London longer than most people I work with…..

Never mind. It is all good, and with my current mood and sense of humour (oh I forgot I didn’t have one), I manage all that quite well.

I guess this is a rather boring post. Like the weather, grey and boring. Winter here we come. 8 weeks till Christmas. Crazy…..

Have a good week.