Sunday Column (88)

This week I might as well start with the most annoying bit: our kitchen floor. I think we mentioned before that we had to re-grout the tiles that were put in. Whilst the chap has been very apologetic, and very nice and said he would rectify it….it came out now that the floor, the plywood he put down, moved. Hence the grout got cracks. So on Saturday he came back. We got the fridge out, the washing machine, some cutlery, the take away menus and got him to totally re-lay the tiles in the kitchen. Fingers crossed this will be done properly. I told him that I am very unhappy but ok to give him a chance to rectify it. Free of charge of course. I keep you posted (hopefully the saga won’t continue though).

Work is going well. We had our 2nd member of staff starting this week, e.g. having 3 people in the mexad London office now. We also keep interviewing and hopefully are able to recruit a further team member soon. All is going well and things are great. I keep enjoying it, and not only say that because my boss is reading it, lol.

On Thursday I saw an old friend and business partner. It is great to be connected to innovative, progressive people with similar views of the world. And particularly the latter is difficult to find 🙂

Then, just as I was writing this, I heard about someone pass away. Just about 4 hours ago I heard about a baby boy being born. Life and Death are so close together, and something we luckily haven’t mastered yet. Mankind is not able to control some natural things yet. My condolences go out to one friend, and my happy wishes to the other.

As my lovely wife put it to me yesterday, in the greater conscious, or from a wider point of view, the kitchen doesn’t matter. Or that you cut your finger chopping things. Yes, it is annoying at the time. But similar to what was said at an industry event this week, we are living in a constant state of change. Nothing is there forever but the NOW of course. And, we should be living in the Now (see Eckhard Tolle). But as soon as you leave the moment, the millisecond, the world changed already. Life is happening in real time. You cannot pause it like digital TV, or a DVD or a music track. Life always goes on, no matter what you do.

Maybe I should leave you with those thoughts. We hope to have our kitchen back first thing on Monday, our cleaner comes and by the time I write the next column we have our life back. Not long then and the wee man will come our way. We are looking forward to it, embracing ourselves for more change…

Studies just recently confirmed, when you are 33 life is the busiest. According to the article:

– 33 years is the age when the struggle to balance work, family and social activities takes up more time than at any other point in one’s life (true)
– you get an average of only five hours sleep a night (depending on the week true)
– one spends more than 38 hours a week in office (true)
– one is forced to double book work and social appointments to try to squeeze everything in (life is work, so true)
– one has only one hour a day left to do something they enjoy (not true, I commute, making it 2 hours)
– one in five says they are so busy that they never have any time to go out and socialise (bollocks, sorry)
– 56% regularly need to take work home (maybe 🙂 )

Have a busy but good week.

Best wishes,