Sunday Column (90)

90 weeks of writing my Sunday Column. 90 weeks since this day in February last year….2009. Must have been 2009. It seems longer ago sometimes, but also thinking about it, we soon will be in 2011. Scary. Do you remember in school speaking about this unreal date of 2000 and that by 2020 or 2030 we will all be flying in little car like planes to work? Well, let’s see what the future holds.

Also, looking at the number 90, my grandmother Charlotte would have been 99 this week. She passed away a few years ago but I still remember her often. She loved yellow roses, and so do I.

This week was dominated by two things. One was my laptop and I will write about that in a minute. The other one was a stomach bug. Colin was ill last Sunday, spewing and all, sleeping a lot. So I asked my wife if it is likely for us to get it and her answer was ‘of course not, don’t be such a hypochondriac‘. I was up all Monday night, missed a few meetings on Tuesday, dragged myself into work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Friday afternoon I made it home in time to look after Colin as my wife had been up all night on Thursday… So sitting here at the weekend, chilling and relaxing, couldn’t be better. Thinking about food, what I could eat, cook and drink. Very nice. Life is back to normal.

Not quite really. DELL, a well known brand that claims to have made millions with Twitter, is really shit in regards to customer service. After my laptop didn’t get delivered this week, and I chased them daily to find out when it will be delivered, I went on Twitter. The promise was shipment within 24 hours, so 8 days seemed rather unreasonable. My personal account manager wasn’t able to help me, nor was he able to call me back, leave voicemails or email me. He did offer a discount on my next order though. This doesn’t make sense as if it was up to me, I wouldn’t order with DELL again. Anyway, the social media trick seemed to have worked and DELL will call me on Tuesday to offer me a discount on the current purchase which….fingers crossed….should arrive on Monday. Just a shame that as a customer you have to escalate things until someone listens. And, that you have to chase something you are paying for rather than the other way around. Anyway, don’t get me started.

10 days without a laptop are fine. I have a desktop to work from at work and a laptop at home. But it is not the same to having all your data in one place, aggregating things, looking things up, organising things etc. My whole life is in a laptop, in Outlook really. I was now contemplating whether to complete change to the clouds, e.g. moving all my emails online (which we already do via gmail for businesses), the calendar and tasks too. But Outlook is still much better, particularly because you can have a reminder on an email, a function I dearly miss.

Another highlight this week was the royal wedding announcement. The eldest son of Princess Diana and Charles is finally getting married. What a wonderful news for Britain, isn’t it? I wonder if her parents have to pay for the wedding or if Prince Charles will help out 😉 Seriously, David Cameron is contemplating of giving us an extra bank holiday to celebrate. On Twitter we already agreed on a #royalweddingtweetup….so watch the space! It is hilarious. Bookmakers took bets on date of announcement, venue, wedding date etc. – if there is something in Britain going on, you can bet you can bet on it.

The weekend was rather productive too. I managed to repair the kitchen door, clean the leaves off the front garden, go shopping, clean the oven, have great food again, watch movies and really chill out. Of course spending lots of time with my precious boy. That was desperately needed.

Colin is fantastic at the moment. He gets all upset when you tell him off but he is a great laugh when you chase him around the house. He looks so lovely sleeping in his cot, and I could stand there forever at night watching him. Peaceful and fearless – nothing can bother him in his little sleep.

I think something I realised this week more and more are two things. One is that work is not everything. I love my work (Hello Boss 🙂 ) and I love working but I need to be clearer about when to take time off, e.g. when being sick, and when to put more emphasis on the family, e.g. when being home. Sometimes work just needs to wait. And it can. Perception though is often different.

The other thing I learned is how important the health of your guts are. If they are f* you are f* – so watch what you eat, how much you eat, and what and how much you drink of course.

Have a fantastic week. Mine can only get better, but I keep saying that 😉