Sunday Column (92)

Another one of those weeks. Monday started with a “busy end of month finishing it all off” day and a forecast for SNOW. Snow really determined the rest of the week. On Tuesday I was snowed in and worked from home, Wednesday I tried twice to go to London but failed, Thursday was even worse and only Friday I made it to a meeting but decided to work the afternoon from home.

Wow, I feel like living in a third world country. As soon as we have about 2 inches of snow, everything seems to come to a standstill. Firstly the transport system, e.g. the trains, as their electricity supply is next to the tracks. No connection, no electricity, no train service. Then Royal Mail, promising next day delivery but cannot get through even after 3 days. Our lovely Bromley council decided to not collect the trash but also not informing us when or if collection will happen anytime soon. Lastly, Tesco where we ordered delivery early this week to ensure we didn’t have to get out in the snowy weather, decided to not deliver, and not to tell us either. Shit customer service and people not willing to deliver or at least telling you that they make alternate arrangements, seems to be everywhere.

Of course my paper didn’t arrive on Saturday either. And, discussing this issue with our neighbour, he said that him being self employed he couldn’t just “not turn up”. He cancelled meetings but just not telling the customer and pretending they assume things are not moving forward, wouldn’t be an option. However, the big companies really don’t seem to care at all.

What doesn’t go into my head is that we had snow for the last 3 years, and no lesson seemed to have been learned by the authorities. The council doesn’t clear the side roads or pavements. Pregnant women like my wife or people with buggies have difficulties getting anywhere. Older and vulnerable, disabled people would not be able to leave the house. I should probably be glad of the situation I am in: I can drive places, have fantastic neighbours, our heating works (fingers crossed), and we are happy despite my moaning. But the authorities and bigger companies just don’t seem to be able or willing to spend more money to cope with the chaos. Hence I wasn’t surprised to hear in the news that older people died as they fell over in their garden during this weather. Disgusting thinking we are living in a civilised world.

Colin in the snow
I truly believe I am up for challenges at the moment. As they say in Buddhism that you sometimes come to the same problem over again until you solve it. Here we go: I really get annoyed if I pay for a service and don’t get it. And, whilst I understand the above weather might cause some delays, I cannot understand people using this for a permanent excuse. I for my part worked from home. The same amount or even more than in the office. No problem. I cannot afford just sitting here doing nothing, why does Tesco or Royal Mail think they can?

Enough about the weather, the same challenge I seem to get away from the snow. We needed a new lock mechanism for the front door: great, friendly service and the company came out in the snow. Wow, perfectly done. Bromley Security Locksmith are the ones to go for. However, you might remember our hassle with the kitchen. Tiled, re-grouted, re-tiled…I asked the nice lad whether he was confident he would be able to fix it the 2nd time around. He promised me he could do it. However, more tiles are moving and I am now asking for the money back. It is ridiculous people offering a service and cannot deliver. I think that is something that I need to work on.

Cat watching me work, sitting in a box 🙂
Trying to do a reality check whether I am wrong I find that I get a lot of support. You pay for a service or product and you expect it to work. My problem is that I get really wound up with it, get stressed and just would like to get it done properly. I have to come to the conclusion that I cannot influence those things and they are out of my hand. And if I want immediate results I have to do it myself. This isn’t easy. It means that I can rely less on others and have to spend more time doing it myself. Time I don’t have, time I don’t want to spend.

Alright, enough for today. Despite working from home I didn’t have a great deal of time playing with Colin, nor did I have too much time with my wife. Our weekend was quite busy, with us visiting our friends’ 4 weeks old baby which was a great Saturday afternoon. The moments you look at babies and realise how calm they are, unwound, unstressed just relying on you. These moments you cannot describe. You start realising that you cannot change the world and that you should enjoy every moment.

Hence apologies for the rant but I think I am NOT wrong!

Once my new phone, a HTC Desire Z, arrived I will write a review and let you know how I like Android. If it arrives that is.

We also went to Ikea to get more drawers and a new cot for Ballueder’s baby number 2. And of course a play rug with roads on.

Have a great week, mine is going to be very busy, we are going to have to do a lot of work in the run up to Christmas. So fingers crossed Christmas comes soon.

Love and Kindness from my little world,