Sunday Column (94)

Christmas time, mistletoes and wine…..yep, Christmas is coming and it is coming fast. This week started with a busy Monday, a busy Tuesday in Leeds followed by a diner & drinks with my boss. A Wednesday client lunch, a Thursday client lunch, a Thursday mexad Christmas party, and a slow Friday. Whoop, that week really passed quickly.

And it’s gotten cold again. Minus. Snow. My cousin wanted to visit but couldn’t because of cancelled flights. Here we go again. On Saturday I beat the snow to it and went shopping really early. And, the shopping should last us 2 weeks also 🙂 Roll on Christmas.

I will write a proper review of 2011 but where are we now. 12 months into a new job, a new part of the industry, an exciting company. 2011 will see more growth, more fun and more expansion. I am very excited. However, there growth for the family too. Colin expects his little brother early February, a new life and a new cycle starts over again. It is exciting to see it, to feel it and we are looking forward to it, as the work will be all well worth it. Looking back, 18 months ago, I couldn’t cry I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do when I held Colin in my arms for the first time. And look how he has grown, his personality, his cheek. Time has flown past.

I love my new phone which takes amazing pictures. Not only of the snow. And it is so easy to set up and use. I got more kit for it, including a new car holder, an international USB charger and an external battery to boost the battery in case I don’t have access to a charger. All set now for new adventures, and an exciting 2011.

There isn’t much else happening. My dad was fantastic over the last few months to sell my old collection of H0 cars (1:87). We made about 200 Euros selling them on eBay. My dad is now a power seller 🙂 and my childhood memories are gone. Some went for a price that was below their value but with them sitting in a box in the attic they are no value to me anyway. So another burden gone. Another attachment I got rid of.

I have to say, 2010, given that I try to live more like a Buddhist than I have done before, I tried to get rid of more attachments. The car collection is one. Putting my CDs on MP3 is another. Less attachment makes your life easier.

To finish off the weekend, Colin is ill again, was sick on the carpet and myself spend all morning in bed, not feeling well, coming down with something. Not a good finish to the weekend.

Ok, you read my full year’s review on Christmas day. I hope I get to write it then anyway.

Merry Christmas,