Sunday Column (97)

2011. Happy New Year. Starting this year with a blog post where I don’t really know what to write.

I am happy. Full of anticipation of the arrival of little Ballueder number 2, I am full of joy. Work started busier and more productive than anticipated and things overall are looking good. 2010 was much better than 2009, so if 2011 is a bit better than 2010, then we could consider ourselves very very lucky.

What we don’t know is when number 2 will come to this world. We cannot plan around it. So long, I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions. I need to do more exercise, live healthier but without having a disturbed routine from number 2, I cannot really plan my new routine, can I? So I continue to do what I have always done, live healthy and well, and see what the future holds.

Number 1, Colin, is fantastic at the moment. He learns so quickly and if you are friends with my wife and I on Facebook, you might have seen the video where he points his body parts: nose, ear, feet, and knees. It is a joy to see him growing up and exploring the world. A great age he is in!

I am very excited about a book I am reading, “The way we are working isn’t working“. It is all about sustainable work, more effective working hours and day structures. I really like to put that into practice and will soon publish some more thoughts on it. Life must be more about a life where successful work is a side-product. If that makes any sense? I love work, and dedicate more time to work than to the family (as most working people do). But that doesn’t mean I cannot fit work into a perfect life, and see it as part of it, making it a “life-life” balance. I wrote about that before, and about work (-life) balance.

Another development this week was about a conference I am going to speak at: RIMC. I am very excited about going and speak at a conference that has been going for years, attracted many well known speakers and good friends. My wife is truly jealous. Not only did I make it to Egypt before she did, now I am visiting Iceland before she does. Two countries she always wanted to visit. Whilst it will be a short stint due to the baby just being born, it would have been great to spend the whole weekend. There is always next time.

Now, I haven’t seen a TED speech for a while but this video is inspiring I find. I hope you find it interesting to watch too.

Life – that is what it is all about. You live, you enjoy, you notice that you are on to something when you think life is falling apart but actually you are on the up. Does that make sense? I think my life is similar at the moment. I am taking a step back, reflect, see where I can improve until (now this is planned) number 2 will hit my life and things will go all different to what it was before, and life will change all over again. That is when you need more energy, will revive, go to survival mode and go into overdrive. And, I am looking forward to it, as that is what I think life is all about, and it makes me tick.

Now, a friend said to me the other day he would be glad if I became his therapist, another suggested I should be a match maker. All I am trying to do is help. And I believe growing up more, having more experience this will be a key part of my life: helping each and every one of you where I can.

Oh, and today we had a German breakfast with Westphalia Salami, Mortadella and breakfast rolls (home made). Life is moving and changing, and I love being part of it. It hasn’t been better for a long time. All around.

Love and Happiness from my little world.