Sunday Column (98)

The waiting, as Tom Petty sang years ago, is the hardest part. Not long now. 20 days to the big day of the arrival of son number 2. But my wife thinks it is this month, and I am getting nervous already. When will it be? It is like waiting for Santa Claus as a child whilst not knowing when he comes down the chimney (I don’t mean that literally) :-).

Not long now you might say, but work is stacking up. The year began very busy, much busier than anticipated. Less time at home, more work whilst home, whilst not sleeping well awaiting the child. Hence my stress level is on the rise.

The book I read this week, Chasing Daylight, gave me a lot to think about. I am a little apprehensive about how to plan things out to make changes happen. With work being busy it seems impossible but I have plans to make improvements on that front. Luckily I work for a very understanding company. But more about that soon, as I am working on some concepts and ideas 🙂
Actually I am thinking if it is the winter blues? I am tired, thinking a lot and don’t really get into gear as much as I wanted. As if the pre-occupation with the baby is all over me. Not sure. There are so many ideas in my head but I cannot really put them all in perspective yet. I think I should go on a weekend retreat to totally empty my brain and improve meditation.

When I came home early one night this week, Colin was so happy to see me that I noticed a change in him. It seems as if he enjoys seeing me more often. We went shopping together this weekend, and spend a lot of time together. I really enjoy that, and so does he. I have to put my emails aside, and unwind more, relax and detach myself from any external disturbance in order to more fully enjoy him. Of course this doesn’t happen over night, but it will….

Once number 2 is here, we need to all find a new rhythm, a new routine. I need to exercise more and make more use of the evenings (then nights) in order to fulfil our dreams.

I am not sure, hence I leave it a bit vague and a bit open in this blog, but you remember the island theory I was talking about?
It is as if I am about to make another jump. A new year, a new jump. As if the earth is shaking just before an eruption. It is going to be fantastic, and I am very excited about. All good, and nothing to worry about. It will all fall into place, as karma and the predestination will keep me on the right path. No matter which decisions I’ll take, I end up at the same destination.

Maybe that is too easy to think. But it is actually a good feeling. A superior feeling almost. When you know there is nothing to lose, nothing to worry, and that you cannot change the flow of things BUT in this special, only milli-second lasting moment, then you actually realise one important thing: not all things are really as important as they might be 😉

I leave you to it. Have a great week.

Lots of Love,