Sushi in London

I keep saying that for months….I wanted to write something about my most favourite places in London.

First of all, I have been living in London for almost 4 years, a little bit outside, about 20 minutes to Victoria on the train. After the first few months London got to me and I thought of leaving this city. I mentioned before that this feeling went and then I started loving London. With my most favourite place being around 6 pm (depending on the season), just when the sun disappears (can you tell it was autumn), I like to sit in the little hexagonal shaped pub diagonal across from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. A good pint with a good friend and I forget all my sorrows.

Anyhow, today I want to speak about Sushi in London. There are many places, like the chains of Wasabi, Itsu, Yo Sushi – but there is one little place in Soho N. introduced me to a few years back:

Hi Sushi.

The best bit is downstairs where you sit on the floor with your legs going “into the floor”. Imagine a low table, about 3-5 inches off the ground and you sit on the floor/cushion and put your legs in a hole underneath the table. Their “all you can eat” plate with 8 different choices of Asian food (chicken, prawns, spring rolls, mushrooms) and their huge plate with sushi that you can re-order until you cannot eat no more. It is just fabulous! Not too expensive, depending on how much wine you drink. Normally for 2 people you get enough food not having to re-order.

My other favourite Sushi place in London is “Moshi Moshi Sushi” – the restaurant I have been was in Liverpool Street. Again N. showed me around and we watched the trains going past below us. That is a nice little place with amazing food. The wine selection is better too. You can choose to sit on the conveyor belt or on a table, might even be considered romantic corners. Definitely a must go for any sushi lover in London. Even found some pictures on Flickr of it.

That is all about Sushi now in London. Any comments or any places I might have missed?