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AdMonsters Screens London

Last week I chaired my last AdMonsters Conference for now. It was the conference looking at the second screen, the omni screen attribution, and the multi channel aspect of advertising. Luckily I had a second moderator too, so the day was a little less stressful compared to previous conferences. Below you find my key take aways from the day: Twitter had a presentation, and I am often wondering how they will make money, particularly that they are now a public limited company. But they started to connect TV and social, the public conversation, through a little hashtag. The conversations around a product, a TV show or a topic can be scaled and brands or advertisers can engage and get communicating. Actually, this is a great way of utilising the 2nd screen to TV, the mobile, from which 82% of all tweets are sent. Often I wonder what we have done in the time before Twitter. I suppose it give the shy people an opportunity to engage, the loud people to write rather than to shout, and of course it gives brands a way of communicating with their fan base. It gives me a way of ranting about commuting with Southern

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Mobile Marketing #mobs13 @exchangewire

Hello, This Monday I attended the Exchangewire Mobile Marketing Event. As always, thanks to Ciaran and Paul for organising this industry get together. I am still trying to get my head around the question whether mobile is a channel, a device or if people are right that tablets should be desktop devices (allegedly it is Apple’s fault that tablets are counted as mobile devices). Or is mobile just a second screen and we ignore everything else. Will banner ads work or is video the way forward to grab someone’s attention on the small screen? But it is also a private screen. And if you look to Asia, the importance of mobile takes another dimension. According to the industry there are a few things to consider. Paul Wright started off that we need to look, amongst other things, at: – cross platform tracking (ID across devices/finger printing) – consider the volume of data available – accept that we move away from keyboards – that the society moves towards hybrid interaction like screens in cars – local, social, mobile is still key and we keep forgetting that (or haven’t really understood it yet) Looking from an agency perspective there are of course

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